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Quick note: The "worst" section has minor spoilers for the first Twilight book and a major spoiler for Son of a Witch, the sequel to Wicked.

The Best and Worst )
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Disclaimer: Entry inspired by a secret on the [community profile] fandomsecrets community.

Something I've noticed in almost all of the fandoms I'm in or know of -  Heroes, Harry Potter, Wicked the book, Wicked the musical, Rent, Pirates of the Carribean, Supernatural - is that there's a huge emphasis on romance. Actually, often smutty romance, at  that. Meanwhile, in all of those fandoms, save Pirates of the Carribean, the themes of friendship and/or family seem just as important, but they are not given the same amount of screentime. Well, I don't really know if that's the case with Supernatural, but gazing through the comms, it certainly seems to be the case. Also admittedly, Rent is clearly about romantic love, but there's still themes of friendship there too. (Mimi and Angel, Joanne and Mark - a friendship that probably wouldn't normally happen, all things considered - and Mark and Roger.)

I don't have a problem with people's shipping preferences - to each his/her own, right? If you want to write Petrellicest or Wincest, more power to you. Same with if you want to ship Remus/Sirius ( a ship I can see on some level anyway), Harry/Hermione, or Will/Jack. 

But I have  a general question - why is it that in these fandoms, non-romantic relationships, canon or not, do not generally get equal writing time? Even I have to admit that my entrance into the HP fandom came with musings about whether or not it'd be Harry/Hermione or Hermione/Ron, if Remus/Sirius was plausible, etc. I only became a genfic person later on. And even then, I still shipped Remus/Tonks (which wasn't canon at the time) and Ron/Hermione. 

So what is it about romance and smutfics that gains so much more popularity, and why do people see the need to put canon friends and siblings in romantic and/or smutty situations?

Discuss. :)
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I WILL note that this list is slightly to highly exaggerated - except #10. It's meant in good humor. :)
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Okay, guys, remember this?

Well, I'm officially tryting to actually get it going.  So if you're still interested, please let me know. I'm finalizing the script and how it will work; I think people can record their lines, although if you have Skype, please mention it. I am going to be making an LJ or Yahoo group.

I have the following people cast:

Ibb, or

[profile] ireactions: Fiyero Tiggular

Linda, or [profile] linda_lupos: Nessarose Thropp

The Other Linda, or PixieDragon: Elphaba Thropp (not official)

Sara, or [personal profile] lady_sarai: G(a)linda Upland

Julie, or [profile] julibeth: Madame Horrible Morrible

Maddy, or [personal profile] parsimonia: Dr. Dillaaaaaamond - sorry, Dillamond

Apryl, or [profile] arianablack: Not yet cast (possible Elphaba?)

Kat, or [profile] shalli: Cynic

Bea, or [personal profile] beatriceeagle: Not yet cast  (possible Gelphie shipper?)

 Christa, or [info]eurora: Not yet cast (wasn't sure if time/microphone accesibility allowed for it?) Boq.

If you don't think you can currently do it, please let me know. Also, if you're interested, do let me know - though please be aware that there are spoilers
for Wicked! Also note that if you're not one for satirizing things you like, this may not be the thing for you. (I will say that Wicked's pretty much a satire in itself, though...)

For recording, I do suggest Audacity. Audacity is free, doesn't kill memory, and will record up to 73 hours without pauses. I've tested it, and it works like a charm.

On that note...  must make some changes to the script!

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So I'm doing a "radio show" of Wicked - basically, the Abridged version of it. Think Movie in Fifteen Minutes or Book A Minute meets A Prarie Home Companion. (The radio show, NOT the movie!) Note that it will have spoilers, so be cautious.

Anyway, I need a cast. I already have a few people, but I need the following:

1. A DJ. Must be able to be loud and slightly annoying.

2. A Wizard. *
3. A Fiyero. * 

4. A Boq. *

5. Assorted Ozians... I'd say five to six people would work. 

6. A Dr. Dillamond. * Must be able - and willing - to "baaa" a lot.

7. Two audience members - a Glinda/Elphaba shipper and a cynic who keeps pointing out that everything is forshadowing.

* With the male roles, you don't have to be a guy, but you should be able to at least talk with a bit of a low voice. Especially with the wizard.

Roles I already have cast, but might need a standby  for if something doesn't work out:

1. Elphaba, currently claimed by PixieDragon.

2. Madame Morrible, currently claimed by [profile] julibeth.

3. Nessarose, currently claimed by [profile] linda_lupos.

4. Dorothy, currently claimed by me.

5. Glinda, currently claimed by [personal profile] lady_sarai

6. Dr. Dillamond, currently claimed by [personal profile] parsimonia.

If you're interested, or know anyone who might be, please let me know! No singing is involved. Also, give me a few roles you'd like to play, in some cases I'll simply cast the same person.
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The problem with being in three fandoms is that two of them are small, and one of them is huge, so I tend to talk more about one, and forget that it'll be confusing for those not in it. 

And then there's the fact that I have a "ficverse" that confuses people. 

First, I'm going to make a fandom filter for: Earth's Children, Harry Potter, and Wicked. Let me know which ones you'd like to be under. (As far as Wicked is concerned, both the musical and the book apply). 

But I'll also do a glossary, for times where I have multi-fandom musings, or when I would like something I wrote to be seen by people not on my flist. Or when I ramble about fic characters nobody knows about. I'll do one for real life stuff later.

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