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Well, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended. I actually don't have a lot of thoughts, which is weird because normally I have ALL the thoughts. I'll share some, though. Under a cut for spoilers.

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Content Warning: This post deals with suicide attempts, mental illness and sexual assault. In the context of TV shows, but still. 

Quick summary of post: I discuss the problem with Very Special Episodes, and how Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Brooklyn Nine-Nine  (among other shows) got it right.

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Botnik is essentially a text prediction website, that pulls from multiple sources. I like to tweak around with it because it's fun. :P

I attempted to summarize each Harry Potter book... using dialogue from Seinfeld. I inserted a few words here and there, and let Jerry, Kramer, George and Elaine take it from there.

(Spoilers for the books, of course. Albeit very very subtle, all things considered.)

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I forgot I did this. tl;dr short, Botnik is basically a text predictor website, where it predicts your text based on a variety of sources. So I attempted to write I'm Not That Girl from Wicked - with lyrics from The Beatles. I inserted a few lines here and there, lettingBotnik do the rest.

Hands through
Eyes - nah
Suddenly someone is speaking
Hearts in the USSR
He could be handy
But she gets annoyed

Don't submarine
Don't lose affection for people
Don't remember all my troubles seemed
He could not rob friends
But I'm from Miami

Every summer we would shout and swim
To get back home every day
But that can't have a friends' garden
When i get high with diamonds

Blithe love, no joke nah
She loves deva rocky hey
Gold hair per cent appear
That's the lonely hearts
And I'll help me
I'm now all right

Don't submarine don't go
Wishing to avoid the sun
I wasn't me back home sweet home
There's a little peace
He loves the world
I'm not cry because
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I'm not completely sure how to summarize my thoughts on the season finale. But here are the ones I have, crossposted from the DW comm. SPOILERS UNDER THE CUT. Really, my reaction posts always have spoilers. I don't do spoiler free reviews or reaction posts, especially on shows like TGP. At least with a show like Parks and Rec you can be like "Leslie does a thing Ron doesn't like, and the show does a really good job, once again, of showing how they're both right AND wrong. Tom needs to chill out on Ann. Chris was overeager." TGP is more "thing that would make absolutely no sense out of context, and if it does make sense, congratulations, you've just been spoiled."

So. Here is a review so spoiled, you can smell it from Arizona.

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This turned into a sort of spontaneous Harry Potter Fan Q&A via Quora. Hey, with snowflake going on, why not? I'm leaving this entry public for the occasion. :) Spoilers for all seven books.

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In your own space, create your own challenge. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Is there a challenge you've seen in the past that's no longer being run, and you wish it was? Or maybe one you've heard about in some other fandom that would be perfect for yours? Is there a challenge you'd love to see, but can't seem to find? Now's your chance to fill that void. Do you wish there was more (fill in the blank) in fandom? This could be something specific to your favorite fandom, or something more all-encompassing. Have you always wanted to try something, but needed that extra push?


Well, I wish there were more "missing moment" fanfic. So that's my challenge. Write a scene you know must have, or at least could have have, taken place in canon. It can be shippy, it can be gen, anything you want.

Alternatively, you can write a slight AU based on a scene or event that did happen - giving it a twist.
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Anyway, prompt:

Create a fanwork. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Fanwork means anything you, a fan, creates. A new community, a rec list, a drabble or ficlet, a vid, a drawing, a meta, an icon, a critical essay, a podfic, a fanmix, a picspam, a review, a ship manifesto, a fannish cake or scarf . . . There is no limit to what the creative fannish mind can create because WE ARE SPARTA! Oh, wait. *g*

How about something completely different? A friend's been catching up with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. What if I paired CXG songs... with various Harry Potter plotlines and/or characters?

Spoilers for Harry Potter, slight spoilers for CXG. (I'll list the season to be safe.) Obviously not an entire compendium - this is all in fun. :)

Also, just a list, no fanvids. You have my permission to make a fanvid (or many) out of this! I would myself if I had the tech skills.

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So there you go! This list took... way, way longer than I thought it would.
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Day 8

In your own space, post self-recs for at least three fanworks that you created. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

If you say so. I'll link to my fanfiction and my filks (song parodies).

Breaking Rules: An encounter brings about a friendship between four girls that crosses House boundaries. . One shot, gen, PG-13; characters are Demelza Robbins, Padma Patil, Susan Bones and Daphne Greengrass.) LJ  /  DW
Outside the Bubble:   Ginny and Hermione's friendship as told in conversations throughout their years at Hogwarts. One shot, mostly gen, but with canon pairings. PG-13.  LJ  /  DW  /  Ao3

Full Circle: When Andromeda hears that Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter are being sought by Voldemort, she and her cousin Sirius vows to protect both families. Unfortunately, in war, nothing ever goes as planned. One shot, mostly gen with canon pairings. Longbottom family, Tonks family, Potter family. PG-13.  LJ  /  DW /  Ao3 

The Dragon King: Over the course of two and a half days, Charlie Weasley goes through the motions as he and his family cope with Fred's death and burial, struggling to comfort his family while dealing with his own grief — and guilt.  One shot, gen with canon pairings, Weasley family. PG-13. PhoenixSong /  LJ  /  DW   /  Ao3


Let it Go, Walk
 Through the Fire Style (Frozen/Buffy mashup)

A Platform That I Used to Know (Not really fandom specific; mostly a parody of the fallout from LJ's 2017 TOS changes, to "Somebody That I Used to Know.")

I've Got a Theory (Fifth Harry Potter book meets Buffy's Once More, With Feeling)

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 [community profile] snowflake_challenge 

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Recs below, separated by fandom! All of these are one-shots. Plus a series of recaps.

The Good Place

Five Times Philosophy Class Was Totally Easy

Spoilers:  All three seasons thus far.

Author: storiesfortravellers (Also, this is someone on my flist. I clicked the link but I can't find who posted it. Please let me know which one of you it is so I can credit!)

Summary: Once in a while, the group understands the readings surprisingly well.

Sort of. 

(The rest of the summary is super spoilery.)

What I like most: The story  covers several conversations in very unique and often amusing, and also insightful, ways. (Mostly due to Jason and Eleanor being Jason and Eleanor.)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch's Four-mative Musicals

Spoilers: Pretty spoiler free, though having seen at least the first two seasons is best.

Author: volunteerfd

Summary: Four musicals Rebecca saw in her early years.

What I like most: It's a perfect one shot that shows how simple moments shaped her character. I don't want to say anything that gives away the entire premise of the fic!

Like a Puzzle Piece Completes a Picture

Spoilers: Season 3.

Author: speakpirate

Summary:  Another spoilery summary, but it takes place during time jump in season 3, primarily focusing on Valencia's new relationship. 

What I like most: The author incorporates a song into the fic, which is VERY risky - but it not only works, it's wonderful. You can actually hear and visualize the song.

Harry Potter

Festivals of Light

Spoilers: All seven books.

Author: [personal profile] starfishstar 

Summary: In the winter of the war, the Tonkses and Lupins open their home to a Muggle family on the run. Love, light, warmth and Chanukah in the winter of Deathly Hallows.

What I like most: Generally speaking, I love that the fic focuses on a non-Christian holiday being celebrated in the Wizarding World, since we so rarely see that. It's also an example of original characters fitting into a fanfic naturally, without disrupting the world or taking over anyone's role.

Re-Read 2017

[personal profile] lindalupos re-read all seven Harry Potter books, plus the FB/QTA books, for the 10 year DH anniversary last year. 

What I like most:  Her analysis is both deep and entertaining. 


Spoilers: All seven books.

Author: mayachain

Summary: After the war, Harry sometimes goes out of his way to talk to snakes.

What I like most: I love seeing Parseltongue used for good.

Tea and Forgiveness

Spoilers: All seven books.

Author: [ profile] reeby10 

Summary:  “Hey, Dudley,” Harry said as he approached the table, kindly not saying anything about the strained smile he was receiving in return. “It’s, er, nice to hear from you?”

What I like most: How  adult Dudley is written. 
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I realized that I added a bunch of fandomy people... and I haven't talked about fandom all that much. (To be fair, I haven't posted much at all. It's
been a hectic last few weeks.) I do miss talking about fandom, so I'm going to get back to that. For now, here's a short post (for me) about a topic I've seen raised a few times...

Can fanfic be better than the source material?

I've seen this debate come up a lot lately, and I decided to weigh in on it, because it's an interesting topic  - even if I don't have a definitive answer or opinion myself.

I think that it's a tricky question because people who claim that fanfiction they read is better might actually be saying: "I prefer where the author took the characters" or "I prefer this ship."  But that's less of a true quality issue and more of a taste issue, something I think fandom frequently confuses. You may prefer how an author portrays the world the writer created, but that doesn't mean the writing itself is better. 

The other problem is that writing itself is subjective. I've hated books everyone around me loved. I've loved books people thought were terrible. I think I must be the only person who doesn't think the Hunger Games books were ruined by the Peeta/Gale/Katniss love triangle. (Particularly because the way I read it, 90% of the "love triangle" was all part of the act, even if Katniss did have feelings for Peeta.) That's coming from someone who actually greatly dislikes love triangles. My point is that I can certainly prefer a fanfic over a novel, movie or episode, I can prefer how a fic writer portrayed a ship, but that's ultimately my opinion.
(And yes, even though I generally ship canon, there are still ships I prefer in fanfic. In one case I DO think the writer dropped the ball big time, I think it's hard... not to think that, yet even there people have disagreed with me.)

I'm tempted to say that there are exceptions. Maybe there are; I've read some pretty terrible books and seen some pretty terrible movies. Surely someone's come up with something better. :P 

Speaking of asking and answering things, still willing to do a talk meme. Feel free to ask something fandom related, but you don't have to. :)
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Author/Artist: [personal profile] author_by_night

Fandom: Harry Potter

Ships/Characters: Remus/Tonks; the Marauders, Lyall Lupin, Nearly-Headless Nick, Harry

Title:Rating & Warnings: PG-13

Word Count/Art Medium: 6,780 (One-Short/Short Story)

Summary: Remus has many regrets. He feels that he has lived life being a burden to others, and having caused many a problem. But would the omission of one fateful Full Moon really have changed everything?

This story is written in the spirit of It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol.


- Trigger warning for allusions to a panic attack and depressed thoughts.

- This fanfic was written before the second Fantastic Beasts film (last year), so there may be a contradiction.

- The fanfic also has an alternative ending for the direction the books take Remus's character.

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New friends: I am currently posting various Harry Potter holiday one-shots I have written over the years. Some new ones may or may not be on the way. Keep bugging me about it and it may happen.

Title: Three Shifters Shifting

Rating: PG-13

Characters/Ships: Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Sirius Black, Kingsley Shacklebolt

Summary: : On Christmas Eve of 1994, Tonks and Remus harbor Sirius for holiday, and look forward to pretending nothing is amiss. But it doesn't take long for the lingering distrust and suspicions to surface.

Note: I first wrote this fic before JKR's biography on Remus, so how Remus and Tonks came to be together does deviate from that. But the mention of Remus's father is indeed Lyall Lupin.

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Title: Common Colds

Chapters: None

Characters/Pairings: Lily Evans, Sirius Black; hints towards James/Lily.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Rejected by her sister and abandoned by her friend, Lily finds herself alone Christmas Eve. She is joined by a classmate with whom she rarely interacts (unless he's offended her), and realizes he, too, has nowhere to go. 

(A Marauder era one-shot.)

Author's Note: I've taken some liberties with canon; Jo's timeline for a certain event might be different from mine, but I felt it worked best for the purposes of this fanfic.

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Installment one of my A Very Potter Holiday Anthology, an anthology of the holiday themed Harry Potter one-shots I've written over the years.

Title: Rufus Scrimegour's Annual Christmas Party

Words: 3,767

Rating: PG-13

Ships: Remus/Tonks

Summary: Each year, Tonks dreads the Auror Department Christmas party. When she mentions it to two veteran pranksters, the party becomes significantly livelier than usual. Takes place during Order of the Phoenix.

Originally written for rt_morelove's Twelfth Night Tales.

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So I have a winter project planned: I am going to write AND finish a novel-length fanfiction.

 Yeah, that's not happening. :P

However, I thought it might be fun to post some of the Harry Potter Christmas fanfic (one-shots/short stories) I've written over the years, partly for archiving purposes, partly because we could all use a little more fanfic in the world. (Especially these days...)

Behold, a "trailer." Image-only because I don't have video skills. Also, some images might be missing. :P

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Okay, I don't think I can say anything else without a CUT FOR MASSIVE SPOILERS for Crimes of Grindlewald. The tl;dr is that I actually didn't hate the movie. In fact, there were parts I really liked! It's just that... none of those parts involved the main cast. 

So, here we go.Read more... )
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Matthew Weiner called, and told me he wanted me to write a sequel miniseries to Mad Men, taking place from 1997 to 2002.

Okay, that's obviously lie. But let's just pretend he did.

Synopsis: In 1997, much has changed. Don Draper has been deceased for ten years;  his children remain, still picking up the pieces... and trying to find the missing ones.


Sally's Zone

Sally Gateford, nee Draper (Eliza Coupe)


Sally has spent her adult life trying not to be like her parents; the trouble was, she
isn't sure how to be normal. In the past, she had trouble believing the hospitable
nature of her husband's parents and sister. In her eyes, it's not normal for families to be so seamlessly happy.
This has improved over time, but still carries over a little.

Sally also suffers from occasional anxiety attacks; moreover, while Sally's not alcoholic like Don was, she
does often binge drink under stress. 

Sally currently works in the marketing department of a tech firm in New York City,
although she and her husband live in the fictional  WASPy town of Mills Parkway. One of her challenges
is establishing herself as a woman who happens to have a high level job and  be a mother - 
rather than being defined specifically by either of those things. 

Garrett Gateford (Seth Green)

Garret works for his fathers' business firm, and seeks to diversify it. 

Garret is a loving husband, although he and Sally still have their problems.
They go through a rough patch, but ultimately fix things.

Catherine Elizabeth "Katie-Beth" Gateord (Willow Shields)

Katie-Beth is the eldest sister (seventeen when the  
series starts); she's a little fashion obsessed, but also incredibly
bright.  She's also a film buff.

Amanda  Gateford (Sadie Sink)

Amanda, who's sixteen at the start of the series, is much more
of a rebel than her older sister, rejecting her parents' "yuppy"
lifestyle and dropping out of the private school she initially
attends.  Garret worries about her rebellion, but Sally opts
to let her get it out of her system; this is a point of contention
for them.

Also, don't call her Mandy.  

Paula Sharp, nee Gateford

Paula is Garret's sister, with whom he is incredibly close. She would like to
be closer with Sally, and deep down, Sally would also like that closeness;
however, Paula's sweet nature clashes with Sally's more reserved nature.
She also begins to suspect Sally doesn't like her husband - which is 
true, albeit rightfully so.

David "Dave" Sharp (Channing Tatum)

Dave isn't shown much, but he's ultimately very much 
like Don Draper - detached from his family, a chronic cheater,
and at times a little controlling. Sally calls him "a walking memory
of my sixth birthday party."

William "Bill" Gateford (Ron Reiner)

Garret's father and, technically, his boss. Bill and Garret
generally get along, but Garret begins to realize that he
was pressured into working for his father's company. Garret
also feels that Bill is a bit of a snob.

Garret's father and Bill's wife, Catherine. also plays a role,
but not a significant one.

Joan Holloway (Isabelle Huppert)

Joan changed her and her son's last name to Holloway in
1973; her company was also changed to Holloway Films,
and is now well known for producing marketing and educational
films, although there are some television shows as well, including
a tongue-in-cheek parody of Afterschool Specials and daytime 
soaps called All My Problems.

Joan is well known in women's circles, and one of Sally's few 
confidantes as their jobs overlap, meaning they work together
often. Sally likes Joan's harshness.

Salvator "Sal" Romano (Tony Bennett)

Sal doesn't interact with Sally at all, except perhaps in passing, but he is in
Joan's life due to being an accomplished commercial director.* Sal has recently
come out as gay after speculation, for which he's facing some amount of backlash.

*This was one of the directions Matthew Weiner saw him going in.

Glenn Bishop (Tom Welling)

Sally's childhood friend, who has also become a close friend of Garret's. He
walks with a limp due to serving in Vietnam, and suffers from a lot of guilt
over serving for the worst possible reasons. He is considered family.

Sawyer Norman (Zach Efron)

Starts out as a new employee who instantly wants to
one-up Sally at her job.

Bobby's Zone

Robert "Bobby/Rob" Draper (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

Bobby - going by "Rob" more and more now that he's nearing forty - could
not be more different from Sally. He owns a small comic bookstore in New York
state, and lives a fairly modest life. Despite that, he's still very close with his sister.

Bobby always feels he never knew much about his father, and he certainly
doesn't know who his father really was. So it's become in part his mission to find 
out the whole story behind Dick Whitman - who he knew as Don Draper.

Unbeknownst to everyone but Sally, Bobby is a recovering alcoholic. In fact,
learning about his father is part of his recovery process.

Lydia Rollins (Sasheer Zamata)

Lydia is first introduced as a English teacher who secretly
loves comic books, even though "they go against my
career as a teacher of the Great American novel." 

Lydia is ultimately a love interest, although she doesn't
like that Bobby clearly has secrets. 

Russell "Russ" Smart (Dylan Sprayberry)

Initially a twenty-something employee who slacks off, Russ slowly becomes
an important part of the store - and Bobby's life overall.

Gene's Corner

Gene Draper (Chad Michael Murray)

Gene is the closest to his father; he's recently married, but not faithful.
He also has similar issues with identity, feeling he had two fathers who
saw two different futures for him... and ended up taking the road less traveled,
working as a corporate attorney. Is this really what he's meant to do?

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This is a song about how I don't care about shipping. The tune is similar to "I Can Hear the Bells" from Hairspray.
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