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Link to PS/SS Rewatch here.

Full disclosure, I actually saw Chamber of Secrets last weekend, but forgot to post my review. Spoilers across the board (i.e. all seven books).*Insert Hedwig's Theme here* )
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My family and I (re)watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone tonight. Here are some of my thoughts. All of them spoilery.

Do do do do do do do....

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Next on my rewatch reaction post list: The Chamber of Secrets. 

In the meantime, what do you guys think characters apart from Ron and Harr would see in the Mirror of Erised? Particularly ones we know less about.

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Spoiler factor: Very mild, but if you're especially sensitive to them, you might want to give it a pass.Read more... )

If you don't know, GLOW takes place in the 1980's, and is based on an actual TV show named GLOW. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but there is definitely also a 1980's/90's "you can do it" movie vibe. You know, someone who doesn't initially get what he or she is getting into, a leader who is a bit of a hot mess, and there's always at least one character whose family/boyfriend/whoever doesn't want him or her to do The Thing. Yup, yup, and yup. But these aren't clichés - if it's intentional, it adds to the flavor, and if it was unintentional, it still worked for the plot.

The characters are still growing into place, just as their in-show characters are. Debbie and Cherry are the most readily sympathetic; especially Debbie. I don't think Ruth is as unsympathetic as it seems some fans feel she is, although the fact that she's played by Allison Brie might help, since it's hard to be too upset with Trudy and Annie. ;) Seriously though, while she did some pretty horrible things in the first episode, I felt the show did a good job of making her face the consequences, as well as try to be the "real" Ruth. Sam, meanwhile, is definitely the hot mess leader who can be pretty horrible, but he will also surprise you.

The more minor characters still need work, and to some extent, the major ones could use a bit of touching up too. However, I think this can be rectified with a second season. 

As someone who was born in the 80's, I felt the show did a good job of balancing between "WE ARE WRITING ABOUT A TIME" and just letting things seem normal. I remember when the first season of Mad Men had in-jokes about smoking and "difficult technology", something that fortunately subsided in later seasons. The show makes references to current events and pop culture (Back to the Future is a minor plot point!), but it doesn't hit you over the head with the fact that this is the 1980's. It just is. 

Overall, I like GLOW. I think it needs some fine tuning, but I'm optimistic about future seasons. 


(One warning, though - if miscarriage is a trigger, there's a rather gruesome fake miscarriage scene in the second episode.)


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In light of articles about unhelpful donations to horrible tragedies (to which people have commented: "if you're so ungrateful, I just won't donate, then!"), and some general observations, let's talk about ways to be helpful - whether you've come across the pinnacle of inspired tears someone who happens to have a disability, heard about a terrible tragedy, or found out a friend is going through some rough times.

I think the first thing people need to realize is that it's not anyone else's job to make you feel like a good person, and while I don't think too many people actively believes this to be the case, I think that's how people can feel subconsciously. It's not even that unreasonable; something makes you feel upset or confused, and you feel like you need to do something, because it makes you feel like you've found a way to deal with it. I don't think most people LIKE bad news. Read more... )
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September 1, 2017 - nineteen years later.

Since some of my friends are still reading the books, I'm putting the rest of this under a cut. 

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Looking forward to hearing/reading what everyone thinks! And don't feel you have to limit yourselves to those questions - or even answer them at all.

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I've seen this friending meme before, and I thought I'd try it. I realize doing it right before a holiday weekend in several countries is a gamble, so if this attempt doesn't go anywhere (or very far), I may try it again. I'm posting this on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal. (Note: If you use both and are friends with me on both sites, you CAN post at both, or you can just say "and also on DW/Livejournal.") 

The idea is simple: Rather than doing a friending meme where you post all of these details about yourself, simply post in the comments saying "I'm in" or "I'm playing" or "Bueller? Bueller?" if you so desire. Then add other people who've commented.

Also, don't forget to pimp this in your own journal. Now go make some friends!

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Spoilers for both Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer under the cut.

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In short, I love both series, even if they have various flaws, and even if there are some things I think one series did a little better. But as similar as they are, they are, in the end, quite different - and I don't think it's fair to criticize one against the other.

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I got this from a fandomsecrets post, because yes, I sometimes go there despite the trolls. (I even met some of you there.) Although I go far less than I used to and don't comment much. 

Anyway, one of the secrets was about stupid/awkward questions at interviews and panels. I was going to write an entry on this anyway, so many as well roll with it.
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I'm on a roll with these! Well, I didn't post one yesterday, but I'm picking up the pace!

As with Ginny, this takes place over the course of a few years.
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(I haven't forgotten Hugo! I'm picking Hermione's up where I left off with Ron.)
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I was going to mainly focus on the trio, but I keep mentioning Lyall. So let's talk about Lyall. This does refer to Pottermore canon.
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More seven facts! This is Ginny. While with Harry I went for about five years later, this follows Ginny over a few years after the war. 

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 Years and years ago there was a Twenty Random Facts meme where you wrote twenty random facts about Harry Potter characters. I've decided to do that for Harry, set five years after the war. I'm going to stick to seven random facts.

Spoilers for the last book.

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I'll probably do a few of these!  Let me know if there's anyone in particular you'd like seven - or more - facts about!


ETA: Also, plug: lindalupos recapped Deathly Hallows. 

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Voice to What? is an experiment in which I'll sing/read various things, and see what my phone decides I was saying. This can only lead to hilarity. Or creepiness. Or both.

Let's start with Jo Don't Stop Believin'.

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*I swear I did not plan that. O_o
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For Deathly Hallows. And I can't really think of anything to say. :/

I guess I can ask a few questions! 

1. If you've been re-reading (or have re-read recently enough to remember), what are your impressions now versus then? 

2. Did you have any fan theories that came true, OR that were the exact opposite of what happened?

3. Did you write or read any fics that were eerily close to DH?

4. Anything else?

I am eventually going to do a Buffy/HP caption crossover. Or another one, I should say. Maybe over the weekend. :) And I will get to those drabbles eventually.
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Since DW butchered my earlier post, I'm trying to re-post. (Take three. Sigh. I'm so sorry, guys.)

Not 100% sure why I'm being nostalgic - I've grown up, after all. I'm not the slightly naive 22 year old girl I was ten years ago. But I also think part of growing up is realizing some things will always stay with you. Besides, adulthood sucks sometimes, and one needs a retreat to simpler times.

So even if I feel I should be talking about properly adult things instead of squeeing over a book series I used to really love, screw it, my LJ/DW's going to be nostalgic today. :P

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Apparently I have the day to myself, so I may concoct a few drabbles or... something later.

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I said I was going to do more Harry Potter nostalgia. Well, the fact that this post is Harry Potter related is nostalgic, I suppose, but mostly it's just your everyday putting characters from other media into Hogwarts Houses. :P

Here is my assessment. Feel free to add your own input. I tried to do this humorously, as opposed to doing it as Srs Bsns, although there's also analysis to it. 

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Again, let me know who you would Sort, and where. Also, feel free to request any other fictional Sortings!

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 Crack theories I wrote right before the seventh Harry Potter book came out!

And so commences a lot of nostalgia in the next couple of days. :P

(Obviously there are still spoilers for all books. Also, my current commentary will be in italics.)

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The Weasleys (Prewetts?) are descended from Godric Gryffindor.
Why it almost works: The  Weasleys are as Gryffindor as it gets, from the good points to the bad, and they are fiercly pro-muggle, which certainly could've stemmed from something, right? Plus, that could also very well make the Blacks descendants, and wouldn't the irony of that be delicious? (Plus, it would work with my Sirius = desendant of Ayla and Jondalar crack fics I never wrote...) Finally, Ginny would've therefore technically been saved by the sword of her ancestor, another thing that would be cool. Not to mention the red hair - now, obviously, red hair isn't rare in Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales or anywhere else, Godric could've been from at that time (he could've been a Dane, and red hair is not uncommon in Denmark, from what I understand), not to mention the fact that a red hair gene carrying down so long would be hard, but it's still another tidbit. Um... not really, I listed about 87 reasons why that wasn't significant, but sure. Okay. :P
Why it still doesn't work as a whole: It just seems very, very far-fetched. Plus, I like Ron for being normal, and being a descendant would take away from that. Though conversely, it'd be nice for him to have something to be proud of, because I don't get the impression he feels proud of much. You can deny being a Chess pro or good at Quidditch, but you can't deny being the descendant of Godric Gryffindor. 
But again, it's just something that I feel is far-fetched.

Willy Widdershins was a cover up.
Why it almost works: Umbridge noted that he eavesdropped on the trio and the to-be DA in OoTP, and that was why he got away with hexing the toilets. But isn't it rather convenient that around the time there were "rumors" that Voldemort was back, a random wizard hexed muggle bathrooms?
We know Umbridge was willing to send Dementors after Harry. Why wouldn't she do more to make the MoM look good, to prove that any wizard could cause mayhem?
It's also possible that Lucius Malfoy bribed Willy Widdershins to take those actions. It would definitely bring attention away from the Death Eaters, no?
 Think of the general population reaction - "oh, it was some bloke with too much time on his hands, that other incident may have been too."
Why it still doesn't work as a whole: That plot died, so unless it comes back to haunt someone in a significant way, we won't need to know whether or not that's true. Also, if anything, it was probably a plot that was supposed to serve as a red herring - make the reader wonder if it was connected to Voldemort, when it really wasn't. And it was too a way for the DA to get caught.
Andromeda Tonks  knows something about Regulus that could be useful to finding out he is RAB.
Why it almost works: Harry is going to have to find out about the connection somehow. It is very possible that Andromeda Tonks knows something important - she may even know that Regulus destroyed the Horcruxes. She's also been alluded to, but never introduced, which seems strange.
Why it still doesn't work as a whole: At this point, introducing a whole new character and making her the key to a huge discovery for Harry would be pushing it. Why would it even occur to Harry to ask her, anyway? He'll more likely find out about RAB by Kreacher, Remus (who would  probably know his best friend's brother's  first and last initials), Tonks (as in, younger Auror Tonks) and/or by simple looking around. 

He DID find out through Kreacher!

The "other trio" will accompany Harry on the Horcrux Hunt, whether it takes place at Hogwarts or beyond. Took me a minute to realize I meant Luna, Neville and Ginny. Also LOL at  "The Horcrux Hunt."
Why it almost works: If it hadn't been for them, the DoM scene may have turned out quite differently. Luna, Neville and Ginny are extremely useful. And why give them plots if they won't be used again? They all have traits, too, that would be useful - Luna's tendency to accept things that are hard to accept could be an asset, for one. And they'll need Luna and Neville's gentle composures.
Why it still doesn't work as a whole: It's less that it doesn't work - it's more that it'd have to be done carefully, because in the end, it needs to be the trio. I'm not convinced it won't work, but I am convinced that it'll be less the other trio joining, and more that they help out as a seperate group, or that in the final battle, Ron and Hermione are present in helping directly but not the rest. They did lead La Resistance, though! (Luna, Neville and Ginny, that is.)

Crookshanks is Regulus.
Why it almost works: It definitely doesn't; the only place it belongs is in a badfic at the pit of voles. (Unless the author can write it very well.) But it's an amusing theory to cross your mind. I want crackfic now.

ETA: After writing this, I'm not sure "crack theories" is the right term, but they're still not ones I think are remotely canon.

Maybe "would be cool if this happened" theories? Although Regulus being Crookshanks was definitely a crack theory.


What were some of your old theories? (Both crack theories and serious ones?)

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(Harry Potter rant ahead.)

Red hair happens. Lots of people have had, currently have, and will have red hair.

So why does everyone compare Ginny to Lily on basis of that?
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