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I got this from a fandomsecrets post, because yes, I sometimes go there despite the trolls. (I even met some of you there.) Although I go far less than I used to and don't comment much. 

Anyway, one of the secrets was about stupid/awkward questions at interviews and panels. I was going to write an entry on this anyway, so many as well roll with it.
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It's the season finale, everyone! And ratings have been hit or miss. No worries, we know how to make sure you'll keep watching next year.

Let's roll it out!

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So I watched the second season of Master of None, and have thoughts both on that and Aziz Ansari's saying that he doesn't want a third season until he's in a different place in his life. 

(This post is 100% spoilery.)


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Nah, it won't. It's based on a reddit thread. :P And it's a bit limited since it's about specific shows (it helps to have seen all of them, probably should've seen at least two): Parks and Recreation, the US version of The Office, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'm sticking to them because they were all more or less created and/or written by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur.

Public, so anyone can feel free to jump in. :)

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At least according to the trending news on Facebook. When I watched it at eleven, Sabrina looked so mature. Now, in the picture they're showing, she looks so young. Of course, sixteen is to me now what seven year olds were to me at eleven.

So, random Sabrina thoughts:
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Did any of you watch Sabrina? Do you still?
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Is there a trope name and/or an offiicial name for shows where the action/drama is constantly ongoing, nothing is really resolved, and even if there are Monster of the Week-esque episodes it's still generally tied inito something bigger? I found "Kudzu Plot", but that doesn't seem to be exactly what I mean.

Let me explain.

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I've been rewatching Communty. Some observations:

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Because why not?

Quotes of course will be taken out of context. And characters.

Granted, it's more Mad Men quotes than P&P quotes, because matching Mad Men characters with Jane Austen characters is considerably difficult. There's too much tact.. :P

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So I finally finished 30 Rock. Spoilers under the cut. Also, more thoughts on the P&R comparisons.

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So I've been watching Girl Meets World, which is basically a sequel series to Boy Meets World. It veers a little close for comfort at first towards being a "next gen fanfic" (where everyone's basically a xerox copy of their parents), but fortunately it avoids it, and even Maya, who is a bit of a Shawn expy, is very much her own person. I'm not watching the show faithfully, just a few episodes I've heard were good, but it's fun nonetheless.

Here's my question, though - what series did you grow up with do you think could have a plausible continuation, either a "next gen" thing or even the characters as being older? OR, what other series have done this that you enjoy? Spiritual successors don't really count, unless you want to argue that they could very well be in the same universe (that would be interesting, so let's hear it).
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Not a review, really, just... thoughts.



Oct. 29th, 2014 07:08 am
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Was it just me, or did last episode of Castle feel like a Very Special Episode?

- Everyone is in disbelief at the Problem. "Why would anyone put themselves in that situation?" "Oh my god, people do this?"

- We have a young person who has Reasons for his misdeeds. (Although to their credit, they didn't forgive him because of that, but rather used it against him.)

- The problem has recently been in national headlines.

Now, I actually think it's okay to cover things like that. And in light of gamer gate (which I assume happened after this episode was filmed, so that may be a coincidence - but given Castle's tendency to beckon to Geekdom, perhaps it wasn't coincidental), I think it's actually important. But the thing is, whereas some episodes would have had this all in the background, implied enough to get the message across, to me this was obvously their main point, which made it feel a little contrived.

Or was it just me?
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The other day I posted about morbid sequels to children's/YA works, OR the story getting more morbid as the characters aged, and how that can be annoying. So in honor of that, I bring you: The Morbid Games, which is sort of a parody.

Pick a series, and fill in the categories - all of them, some of them, and/or create your own - whatever you'd like. Bonus points if you create a fic out of it - if you do, let me know and I will link!  I'll leave this public so anyone can play. Make this as ridiculous as you'd like, that's the point. (Although if it's sadder than ridiculous, that's fine too. I'm really not a rules person, can you tell?) You can play more than once, but make a new comment.

And if you're still not sure what I mean, I'm referring not necessarily to adult versions of series or later books/episodes/movies where the characters are older and therefore face more mature situations (that's realistic), but where it's so contrived it's like the writers wanted to be sure you realized They Are Adults Now, or where it wasn't necessarily contrived, but a bit OOC. Of course, Your Mileage May Very here.

Have fun!

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Talk about your ships.

First, in general ships have never mattered to me that much. With some exceptions.
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Which hopefully won't tick anyone off. I started this list on a friend's LJ but thought I'd post/add to it as well.

Glee - Renewed: Part of me is surprised, because it feels like very few people I know who were really into it at first - I mean full on "OMG WHY HAVEN'T YOU WATCHED THIS YET DON'T STOP BELIEVING" Gleeks - are actually into it; it seems to me a lot of them haven't really been interested in a while. Like them, neither have I, and I was pretty into the show at first. On the other hand, the people I do know who like it are also huge American Idol/Dancing With the Stars buffs, and in all complete honesty, I think Glee is really for that crowd. I'm not in it, however, so I'm pretty much out. (Although I do like the episodes with Kurt/Rachel/Santana in New York. I kind of wish Glee had taken a risk and followed them entirely.  Then maybe Rachel could've been given a singing storyline as well as yet another romantic one.)

Parks and Recreation - Renewed: I'm glad, because I do think this is a great show that deserves more viewers - OTOH I'm glad it doesn't and gets away with it, because I feel like shows are better when everyone isn't watching them and they don't have to be so... mainstream. I know this sounds really hipster of me, but that's what I think.

Happy Endings - Cancelled: I'm disappointed, because I do think this show really had something going for it. I wasn't the biggest fan, I'll admit that - the characters were all annoying, especially Penny, who I think we were supposed to actually really like. But I also feel that because it always teetered on the edge of cancellation, it was sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. It just feels like it never really had a chance.

Community - Renewed: I also think Community suffered a lot this season - there were what, ten episodes? So a lot of things didn't make sense, and so there wasn't even any payoff. I believe next season it can go back to rocking on. (Although I'll always stand by my belief that the first season was best. Sorry.)

Raising Hope - Renewed: This sort of surprises me. It's another show where I liked the first season, but after that I could take it or leave it. This seems to be a habit with me.

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First, here is the link to the original questions. I apologize for the confusion before.

Day 2 - Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

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And this is really for Day 3, but I didn't see the point of waiting...

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Sep. 22nd, 2012 08:04 pm
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Reality TV is WTF and why I don't like normal TV anymore either )

ETA: Whoops, I called reality TV "normal" TV. I meant regular, I'm not a snob, really.
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(This is true, unlike the last thing I posted, which was from a BS website. Sorry again.)

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