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Since some of you are in a re-reading mood, I thought I'd link to a few friends' re-reads. I won't include ones I think I've already posted.

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Prisoner of Azkaban:   With werewolf feels. 

Goblet of Fire: With discussion about the Three Year Summer.

Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Apparently the new version of FB doesn't have Harry and Ron's doodles anymore! :(

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PS/SS Chapter 7: Sorting Hogwarts out. 

PS/SS Chapters 8 & 9:
Neville is love and Snape is a douche. 

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Meta: Is Remus bisexual?



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... this is it, guys. The last installment of my re-read.

FFP: Wow.

Me: Yeah, it's been... interesting, to say the least. Although we do still have the movie. Which you can't watch, because it would be a time discrepancy as it came out in 2004. You know how that timey wimey stuff goes.

FFP: ... timey wimey?

Me: Doctor Who.

FFP: Doctor who?

Me: ... you have so much yet to nerd, grasshopper.


So last time, Harry had fainted, but not before thinking he saw He Who Cannot Have Been. Sirius was about to be Kissed by the Dementors. Can Harry save the day - again?

The Time Traveler's Escaped Convict )

Next: Is the movie as awful as I remembered it? Or should I have given Kloves a little more credit?

*Hug with enthusiasm. At least, I'm pretty sure that's what it means. I was never really clear on that...
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Last segment: Sirius told his story to a (very) recently convinced Remus and a slightly less convinced Harry, Ron and Hermione. And then Snape turned up.

LJ is being weird, so you may get this in your feed twice.

Death before betrayal )
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Last segment, Buckbeak was executed (or was he?), and the trio are subsequently scarred for life. Meanwhile, Trelawney had just made a rather grim prediction - one that looked like it might have been the real thing, for once.

Dun dun DUN.

Animagi are Sirius business )

Next: Five out of seven people in a single room have or will be suspect to homicidal tendencies.

(I must warn you, Christmas is coming, so it may be a while before "next" comes. I just had to get this off my chest early.)

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We left off with Sirius breaking into the boys' dormitory, Remus finding out about the map, and Hermione telling Harry and Ron Buckbeak's fate.

Everything gets greater and more terrible than before )

Next time: It's the man himself!
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Last time: Harry heard his Dad's voice, his last words to be precise, and told a very disturbed Remus, who told him they'd been friends at Hogwarts. Meanwhile, the trio was on the verge of being a trio again, but then Ron found blood where Scabbers had been, along with long ginger cat hairs.

You shouldn't trade friendship for things like brooms, rats and magic tricks )

Next up: Ron and Hermione reconcile, Hermione gets a little tougher, and Trelawney makes what appears to be a legitimate prediction.
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Let's see if it  works this time.

For those of you who are new, or who have forgotten (since I halted re-reads in October), I've been re-reading the third Harry Potter book with "new eyes." When I was in fandom (well - more than I am now), PoA was my favorite book, and so far I think it still is, actually. But what I wanted to do was see how I perceived it from a less fannish point of view, because I do feel my fangirl self always overshadowed a bit. I demonstrate this with my parody character, FFP (Fangirl of Fandoms Past), who sometimes pops in to make commentary. If you were in fandom, you'll recognize her, maybe even in yourself. If not, well, you have an idea of how OTT and insane the fandom could be. But I'm trying to make this otherwise not so much about fandom as canon, so I digress.

To view previous chapters, follow the "prisoner of azkaban" tag.

In the last installment, Harry was given the Marauder's map and used it to sneak to Hogsmeade, where he, Ron and Hermione overheard a conveniently timed conversation revealing that (as far as they know) Sirius betrayed Lily and James.  Nothing good can come of this.
Deck the halls with stark betrayal )
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Sorry guys... I have to repost.

For future reference, does anyone know how to post from Word without things going all wonky?
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Chapters 1-2

Chapters 3-4

Reminders: There's spoilers for all of the books here. Also, FFP is Fangirl of Fandoms Past. She stole a time turner and ended up here. She may or may not remind some of you of certain people...

Dementors and other grim things )

And now, rec time! I said yesterday that if you wanted, you could rec a fic taking place during or heavily referencing PoA, and I'd link to it. Today's rec is Introspection by [ profile] daintress. (Written before DH.) Feel free to rec a fic, whether it's someone else's or your own!

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Chapters 1-2

Chapters 3-4 )

Next time: Just who are these Azkaban guards, and why are they the ultimate Debbie Downers?

PoA Re-Read

Aug. 9th, 2013 02:29 pm
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 I'm doing a re-read of the third Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I promise I'm actually going through with this one. It's easier recapping a book than several seasons of a TV show.

The book takes place in 1993. I read it in 1999. December, to be exact. I was fourteen and in 8th grade.

I had read the first two(!) books that summer, because nobody would shut up about it.I finally gave in, and realized I was dealing with something special. Still, the books were cute to me; they were still written for a younger audience, and it was obvious to me.

Then there was PoA, where Harry's aunt calls his dead mother a bitch and he has memories of his parents being murdered. Not the darkest thing a book has ever done, but still, it's more real than an evil snake (that apparently can go a thousand years without food) petrifying people. No, Dementors don't really exist, but triggers do, and Dementors make you remember things you don't want to think about, maybe didn't even know you remembered. That's very, VERY real. Knowing this, I really looked at the HP books a different way.

Then fandom came along, and I loved PoA more because it had "MWPP" (Moony Wormtail Padfoot and Prongs), more specifically Remus and Sirius. I had a huge fangirl crush on Remus, and while I always thought Sirius was a bit screwed up and wasn't remotely surprised  by OoTP, I liked his character too. I loved the story of MWPP altogether, of course - it was just so tragic, this group of best friends torn apart by war. One of them a misunderstood werewolf, the other a misunderstood criminals. I was also going through my slightly emo phase, so that helped. I thought most Sarah McLachlan songs fit the Marauders' hardship.

But as time has passed, and the books have come and gone, I've realized I may have loved what PoA became to me, became to fandom, more than the actual book. Meanwhile, we learned in later books that fandom's initial perception of the Marauders wasn't necessarily correct. Nor did we necessarily get the point. Or did we?

That's partly why I want to re-read PoA. I want to read it now that I've taken a bit of a step back from the MWPP aspect of fandom - I still dabble, and I still love the books, but although I've re-read PoA before, it was always with fandom lenses. In other words, skipping most of the trio parts (except anything with the slightest hint of Ron/Hermione) and going straight for the MWPP goodness. What I really want to do now is look at how the book set up the rest of the series, as well as the story itself. From an unbiased, less fangirly POV.

However, I will warn you - I used a Time Turner and went back to 2002. A fangirl might have come back with me. You have been warned.

PoA: Chapters 1-2 )

Next time -

FFP: Who let the dogs out?
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JKR has said that the PoA movie had at least five hints, or something like that.

So - cutting for spoilers, as this is a public entry:

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