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I said I was going to do more Harry Potter nostalgia. Well, the fact that this post is Harry Potter related is nostalgic, I suppose, but mostly it's just your everyday putting characters from other media into Hogwarts Houses. :P

Here is my assessment. Feel free to add your own input. I tried to do this humorously, as opposed to doing it as Srs Bsns, although there's also analysis to it. 

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Again, let me know who you would Sort, and where. Also, feel free to request any other fictional Sortings!

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Is there a trope name and/or an offiicial name for shows where the action/drama is constantly ongoing, nothing is really resolved, and even if there are Monster of the Week-esque episodes it's still generally tied inito something bigger? I found "Kudzu Plot", but that doesn't seem to be exactly what I mean.

Let me explain.

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Because why not?

Quotes of course will be taken out of context. And characters.

Granted, it's more Mad Men quotes than P&P quotes, because matching Mad Men characters with Jane Austen characters is considerably difficult. There's too much tact.. :P

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Not a review, really, just... thoughts.

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Spoilers for Mad Men 7.8: Severance.

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I'm doing two questions in a row again.

What song always reminds you of that One Fandom Moment?
We Didn't Start the Fandom (Refers only to the Harry Potter fandom, and it was filked before the seventh book.)

And of course any other song I saw filked or ficced. (Sadly I fear filks /song fics have gone out of style. Please tell me I'm wrong. But when I mention them to fandom people now, they're usualy confused and have not the slightest idea of what  I'm talking about.)

Tell us more about the obscure fandom/ship you love that you wish there was MOAR fic for. (Or any fic at all.)
First, as long as this question mentions ships, I really wish it didn't feel like so many fics focused only on ships. Contrary to some people's belief, I don't hate shipping or romance, I just need more than that to keep me interested. I don't need smut, I want an interpretation of a book/show/movie I love.

 I really wish there were more Mad Men fic sometimes. I understand why there's not, it would be so hard to write given how great the writing on the show is, but I think with the write writer and/or characters it could be done. I also realize part of the problem is how unlikable the show's made pretty much all of the major characters and most of the minor ones, but fanfic could work with that as well.

Also, I really, really want a Parks and Recreation/Prairie Home Companion crossover. There, I've finally admitted it. I realize one's in Indiana and the other is in Minnesota, and both shows are very rooted in their fictional towns in those states, but I don't care, I want it to work somehow. Maybe Lake Wobegon and Pawnee are also sister cities? I'd also like a Parks and Rec fic that tries to focus on the quirky town from a different perspective, maybe using Mark's POV as he's in the private sector now. That would be cool.
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So a while ago I was discussing The Devil Wears Prada with a friend. I decided then to watch the film again with another friend, to see if what had bothered me before bothered me again, and if it bothered her.

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ETA: Since  this post took a life of its own, to summarize I talk about conflicting messages in Hollywood, as well as how television and media exposes the problem in certain industries.
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Is Megan Draper dead?

Not sure if this isn't a tad far fetched, but it's certainly an interesting theory. Some of the points are a bit reaching - I thought Megan's "I live here" comment referred to her living in the world of stardom and glitz, for instance, and the fact that she's so much younger than Don. As for Anna, Don already knew she was either dead or very very close to dying. But still, I can't say all of the points are bad...

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What if Mad Men took place in the 90s, and not the 60s?

This may be edited later.

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Saw Mad Men was up for an Emmy ,which surprises me given how many fans seem to have disliked this season.[Poll #1854804]
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I don't talk about Mad Men a lot here, but I decided to react this time.

Please note that this post will contain spoilers. A lot of them.

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