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I AM SO SORRY about the last entry! I had all my cut tags, but of course used rich text and didn't switch.

Anyway. HBP review, take two.

Non-spoilery thoughts:

I really liked the movie, if only because I felt they did certain things quite well. There were things I thought could have been done better. I definitely don't agree with those who say it was the best movie ever.

Regarding the inevitable changes... well, I think it's only fair to warn those of you who haven't seen it that there are major ones. I think some, however, were for the better. The ones that weren't... well, see the movie, and then we can lament together. Or, if you'd like to be spoiled, read my comments under the cut below.

Spoilery Version )
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Happy birthday, [profile] delleve, aka Jo's Girl Through and Through! 

And today is also HBP Day, aka Remus/Tonks Day, Ron/Hermione Day, Harry/Ginny Day, Bye-Bye Bill/Artemis Day, and What-the-heck-Pince/Filch?! Day,  OMGWTFSNAPE???? Day, and [profile] julibeth's Sister Gets Married on the Release Date and Julie Screams Day.

Granted, Harry/Ginny also semi-sunk, but it's got time.Plus, I think it's still a-sail in the sense that they are still in love. 

I have to write short snippets around the stuff that happened in HBP. Namely Remus/Tonks, and Tonks in general. (There's just  got to be so much more to her story than not having pink hair).

I can't believe it's been a year.  Or that the next book is the last... the last. That's insane.

When it comes out, I want to be with people. The only problem with HBP was that I was away for it, and I really had no meansof discussion. I mean, yeah, I had access to IM and stuff, but not like at home. And nobody where I was even knew what "Half Blood Prince" was. Well, my cousin, Michelle did, and we read the first few chapters together, but she was home for a wedding (my family's in her hometown, and that's where I was visiting), so she had to leave, and then the next day went back to Georgia, where she goes to college. 

So yeah, next time, I have to be with people. To be honest, I hate reading any book, needing to discuss it, and not having anyone. Or movie.  Harry Potter - well, that's an obsession.

Anyway... cheers!


Jul. 17th, 2005 12:06 pm
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ALready got fanfic ideas.

(Warning - spoilers might be in the comments).

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