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Since some of you are in a re-reading mood, I thought I'd link to a few friends' re-reads. I won't include ones I think I've already posted.

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Prisoner of Azkaban:   With werewolf feels. 

Goblet of Fire: With discussion about the Three Year Summer.

Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Apparently the new version of FB doesn't have Harry and Ron's doodles anymore! :(

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PS/SS Chapter 7: Sorting Hogwarts out. 

PS/SS Chapters 8 & 9:
Neville is love and Snape is a douche. 

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Meta: Is Remus bisexual?



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[Error: unknown template qotd]Why would anyone want to be any of those things?

I mean, you could just be a shapeshifter period, which means you'd have the option of choosing WHEN to shift (and some works do use this with werewolves, including Twilight - and actually, I think that's how it was in original folklore, as opposed to a curse), so. Hm. I'd like to be able to shift as a horse, I think. I've been told that's my spirit animal. Or as a cat.

But no interest in being a vampire or a zombie. *Shudders*
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Last segment: Sirius told his story to a (very) recently convinced Remus and a slightly less convinced Harry, Ron and Hermione. And then Snape turned up.

LJ is being weird, so you may get this in your feed twice.

Death before betrayal )
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Let's see if it  works this time.

For those of you who are new, or who have forgotten (since I halted re-reads in October), I've been re-reading the third Harry Potter book with "new eyes." When I was in fandom (well - more than I am now), PoA was my favorite book, and so far I think it still is, actually. But what I wanted to do was see how I perceived it from a less fannish point of view, because I do feel my fangirl self always overshadowed a bit. I demonstrate this with my parody character, FFP (Fangirl of Fandoms Past), who sometimes pops in to make commentary. If you were in fandom, you'll recognize her, maybe even in yourself. If not, well, you have an idea of how OTT and insane the fandom could be. But I'm trying to make this otherwise not so much about fandom as canon, so I digress.

To view previous chapters, follow the "prisoner of azkaban" tag.

In the last installment, Harry was given the Marauder's map and used it to sneak to Hogsmeade, where he, Ron and Hermione overheard a conveniently timed conversation revealing that (as far as they know) Sirius betrayed Lily and James.  Nothing good can come of this.
Deck the halls with stark betrayal )
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Talk about your ships.

First, in general ships have never mattered to me that much. With some exceptions.
Ship happens )
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So, I have a Harry Potter confession to make - besides the fact that I'm still into the books and sometimes read/write fanfic. :P I don't know, once I like something it either goes away quickly or sticks forever. There doesn't seem to be much in between for whatever reason. There's still a part of me that loves books I read or shows I watched as a kid. Fortunately including adult ones, like Keeping Up Appearances.

More on still being a fan, but with different interests )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm inclined to choose werewolves, of course. Two words - Remus Lupin. ;) But vampires are kind of cool too.

I'm writing both a vampire and a werewolf, and it's interesting. Both are good, but the vampire always has that inner demon that sometimes comes out. My werewolf is a good person, but once a month he's a monster - and he will kill you.

Modern fantasy/sci fi seems to want to redeem both - I mean, you go from Dracula and The Wolfman to Buffy and Harry Potter, which have vampires and werewolves that are not inherently evil. In Buffy you have Angel and Oz, and in Harry Potter you have Remus, and there's a scene in one of the books where a vampire is at a Christmas party - and seems fairly harmless, although at one point they mention him looking hungry. And of course Twilight... I wouldn't call Twilight my favorite book series, but it does show werewolves and vampires as redeemable.

I do wonder how that came about - when the "monster" suddenly grew a human being's face. When the "monster" became okay. I suppose even in Dracula, there's some of that - not the redemption, but the implication that vampires can still think like human beings. Evil, sick and twisted human beings, but human beings. He plans how exactly he is going to kill his victims, rather than randomly chase them in a dark forest at night.

This could be an interesting thing to research, actually. Anyone have their own input?
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So there's a lot of Twilight snark around.  So, in lieu of all that, I've decided to try a hand at some of my own snark: Angel Lite. ("Angel Lite" as a reference to the TV show, of course.) It was originally a joke amongst some friends, but they've persuaded me to post it. Note that if you like Twilight... well, you're still welcome to read, but do be aware my intention is not to insult the fans - it is friendly snark, plain and simple.

Here is my snark of the first chapter. Let's see if I can make this a new project.

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I apologize to those on my flist who are not into Harry Potter, but this is a poll I want to make available to those not necessarily on my friends list.

I have noticed that Vampires do not seem to be shunned in potterverse, like Werewolves. They have special candy for them, and apparently can be famous singers and invited to Christmas Parties in school (wherein they are followed by girl students.)

So - my poll:

[Poll #857657]

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