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Feb. 12th, 2011 10:34 am
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My day is ruined. Someone on the internet disagreed with me. :(
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Do you think the internet has become less interactive, or less about a community?

Going to allow anonymous comments, just because.
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The Bible according to TV Tropes:

Nomadic tribes travel through the Middle East and North Africa, enduring all kinds of hardships before finally coming to the Promised Land. In the sequel, a Pretty Cool Guy tells everyone how cool it is to be nice to each other but is executed by The Empire, comes Back From The Dead, and Ascends To A Higher Plane Of Existence. In the Distant Finale of the sequel, everyone dies. This is considered to be a positive ending.

Original link (you will have to scroll)
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87 Tips for a Successful Internet Experience:

87. Juvenile inside jokes are juvenile. Do not bother decoding them, especially when site admins warn you they are stupid.

86. Anyone who purposely mispells words because it's the "cool" thing to do online finds themselves on the bottom of that community's totem poll. Unless you're on Facebook, MySpace, or a crappy chatroom.

85. To many an internet user, "nerd" is a compliment, not an insult, so don't bother using that one. Unless you're on Facebook or MySpace.

84. Don't expect Facebook and MySpace to speak for all of the internet.

83. Don't feed the troll.

>82. Get a feel for what the atmosphere of the site/community is before posting.

81. Want homework help because you couldn't be bothered to read the book? Don't go to a forum/community for said book and ask us to do your homework. We won't. Instead, we'll snark.

80. Read. The. Rules Or at least the basic ones.

79. Sockpuppets tend to be caught. Even three years later. (Google search "Charlotte Lennox" and "msscribe.")

78. If it sounds innocent, it isn't.

Anyone have any more? I'd love to make this a (fun) list. I may mix up the order after. But yes, feel free to add on!

(And references to specific things are fine. After all, 87 and 79 are direct fandom references!)

ETA: Sorry if any of you got the coding earlier. C&P on rich text doesn't work well.

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(This public post mostly refers to Harry Potter fandom, but can apply to others. I just don't know how it works in other fandoms in terms of websites over LJ. But if it's like that in other fandoms, or just the opposite, I'd still love to know.)

When I first came into fandom, messageboards were huge. But now, I've noticed a decline. Messageboards (and websites overall), old and new and revamped, seem to get far less traffic.

My question is - what's the cause? Obviously there are many reasons. Without naming names, some boards over time became so big that it got confusing for the members. Then suddenly, many members left, and it eclined from there. There's also the fact that members who had time to run the sites and messageboards and/or be active in keeping things going there had less time.

But could Livejournal have an impact as well? I wonder if people aren't choosing Livejournal over messageboards and websites, and that's what I'm asking. I know with me, I do certainly find it's sometimes easier to post on Livejournal.  For one, LJ doesn't have the "newbie stage" - the newbie stage being the stage wherein new members are more or less ignored on the basis of being new. For another, I myself am a very elaborative person; at a board, half of what I'd want to say would probably be considered "tl;dr" ("too long, don't read"),  so I have to shorten it. But when I shorten things, I'm often too vague and make no sense.  On many occasions, discussions at messageboards have prompted Livejournal responses, because I'd rather not write a full page reply. ) However, on a website, I do know what I'm going to see and discuss; it's harder to have a firm idea of that with Livejournal, because even LJ communities change.

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1. They're often composed of urban legends. Target does not hate war Veterans, Ashley Flores is not missing, Chihuahuas are not rodents, and tanning salons have never been known to fry livers. And don't get me started on Bonsai Kittens.

2. Even if there really is an ill child in a small Wisconsin town who can't get help, how will forwarding chain mail help? Money is not sent by keystrokes. If you really care about ill or poor children, donate money, toys, clothing, books, and canned goods to charity. That will make all the difference in the world.

3. Not everyone wants to see a picture of a dying child, real or not, or read a story about a kid who was beaten to death. That's really disturbing and upsetting when you just want to see if your grandmother emailed you the picture of her new flowers.

4. No emo sixteen year old has ever been known to come back as a ghost and haunt people who didn't forward emails. Just saying.

5. Clicking random keys on your computer is not going to bring up a funny image or the ending to a story. (Although I have to say, I still wanna know the ending to the one about the boy who kept showing people letters that made them mad, and finally one day he read it... does anyone know if that's a real story?)

6.  I'll need help explaining this one, since I don't know quite how it works, but apparently spammers can use them to find email addresses. Also, those funny animal pictures you keep sending? Yeah, they may very well contain viruses.

There's more reasons, but that's the gist.

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So I've been thinking about how I feel about most of Jo's chats/interviews/appearances being catered for her eight year old fans, when IMO there's no way they actually understood TDH.

And wondering how reasonable it is.

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Earlier, I had a post on board etiquette... have taken it down because I felt there needed to be changes. So I've made them. ;)

I do want to note that I don't actually have a messageboard for books, but I go to many. And I wanted to play on the title "Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter." ;)  I also want to note that these do not just apply to book forums, but all forums - I simply go to book forums more so than other forums, so I had a bit more to say specifically on that.




Oct. 23rd, 2006 09:39 pm
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In the past while, quite a few people on the internet, one of whom I am online friends with, have had sudden, unexplained absences. And it's happened before.

On the top of my LJ, I have an emergency contacts list. All it is is a list of friends who I trust enough to give information to. The friends on the list have my address, both phone numbers (cell and home), my work number, and the email address of a cousin who knows about my online life. That way, if I ever seemingly disappear from cyberspace (let's say I break my leg and have no internet access, so it's a happier example), if they didn't update my LJ with that info for whatever reason (lost my password, etc), you just email them, and they'll have the right information.

I really urge you guys to do the same. Even if it's just people who have your cellphone number - that's always a start. I know not everyone has online friends whom they have become close enough to share more personal info with, or RL friends or family who would be remotely accepting of the idea of telling "weird online people" that something happened. But surely there's someone who at least knows something. 

Anyway, that's all. Just wanted to make that note.

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