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These are five things. They are relevant. Just read this thing. I promise it's not clickbait!

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Despite the title, this has little to do with Harry Potter, except the House from which my classification derives. Also, because tone on the internet doesn't always translate, I'm not being emo here, just introspective. (And for the record? I'm a Hufflepuff.)

Hufflepuffs are hesitant to let go of things. They're often nostalgic, sometimes in healthy ways, but also occasionally in ways that aren't. They want things to be what was known to them as the common rule, as something that held them and those they cared about together. Thanksgiving traditions matter, and when they break, Hufflepuffs think about those moments. When old friends come into town, they want to meet at the Starbucks, and when their friends all say they hate Starbucks now, and anyway, they're only really in town for family, it's a hard pill for them to swallow.

They're belongers, not in the sense that they want to impress, but in the sense that they love where they are. They may hate it, but they still love it. They will work at a job they'd rather not have, but be damned, they make it work for them. They show up. They work overtime despite not getting overtime. When nobody else wants to, they don't understand. As for commitments? Hufflepuffs stick to them. If you tell a Hufflepuff to be there at 8, they're there at 8. If you're running late, expect a call or text message: "Are we still meeting here?" And heaven forbid you change plans at the last minute. Hufflepuffs will get disappointed by this. That isn't to say they don't sometimes break their own rules - often they do, and hate themselves a little for it. . For the most part, they keep to their word. They're exceedingly loyal, but can be a little unforgiving if they feel you've broken a rule.

It can be hard being a Hufflepuff, for these reasons. What Hufflepuffs need to understand is that they HAVE broken their own rules - and that's okay.  To err is human. It's good for things to change, if a bit sad for everyone (Hufflepuffs mourn louder and closer, but everyone misses something). People sometimes let you down, but don't realize they have. The world will move on.  But it's hard when you mean things when others don't, when you love so much in a cynical world, when you want things to work and nobody else cares - or rather, they care, but not as you do.

It's often great to be a Hufflepuff. Great things aren't always easy.
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1. I've decided that I am actually against the idea of "I messages", which you're supposed to do in a conflict, as every fourth grader is told. Or at least against it when it isn't people you're related to or friends with. Why? Because... well... think of it this way: you're driving down the highway, get cut off, and so you pull up to the other driver's window and say, "excuse me, but I feel upset when you cut me off because I was trying to get to work on time." How does anyone think that'll end?

It can also be used to manipulate people, because in the end, it's really projecting your feelings onto another person. Nobody can control how you feel. Nobody should be held responsible for how you emotionally responded to a situation.

Again, I think if it's in the context of a close relationship, that's a different story - you NEED those kinds of conversations. But it doesn't work in other situations. Especially at school or work, or the highway, when everyone's busy trying to get somewhere, and if they cut you off, they either made an honest mistake or did it intentionally, and being told they suck for making your day suck really isn't going to help in either scenario

I kind of like that the doc crew is almost evil now. But that's really all I liked about the episode. I hate how Jim's storyline feels like it comes straight out of a Disney film - he gets a better job, suddenly he's supposed to be a jerk. I'm not sure if that's intentional, or if they're trying to show the honest problems that DO arise in those situation, in which case they should be showing it a bit better. Because believe me, I've seen it for myself in real life, except it's often not as simple as either bothering to make your daughter's dance recital or not.

3.  So for Harry Potter geeks (and observers) -[ profile] sea_thoughts and I were talking yesterday about how we'd categorize Harry Potter. We agreed it's not quite urban fantasy, but it's not quite high fantasy either. It's a world within our world as opposed to explicitly our world (except for the times the worlds do collide), but at the same time it's still very much our world. It's almost more like a modern mythos or semi-adult fairy/folk tale. But I don't even know if that's quite right. Thoughts?
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What do you guys think of school uniforms?

I used to be very much against them, perhaps partly because I went to private school and was forced to spend winter shivering in my skirt because leggings didn't do one thing to warm me up. However, I do wonder if I would have minded had we been allowed to wear pants more often.

Now I'm very conflicted.

-: It might inhibit self expression.

+: Of course, I speak as someone who rarely wore nice clothing to school until college. Meanwhile, a close friend of mine who was one of those people who'd shop at the same store for hours missed wearing a uniform and not having to worry about what she was going to wear. (Maybe she would have gotten better grades? Seriously, maybe she would have.)

+: School is a place where you're supposed to be learning.

-: School is also a place where you learn to interact with your peers, and that includes peers who might be wearing clothing you find distracting, that's more expensive or less expensive than your own clothing, or outfits that express beliefs and/or ideas you disagree with.

-: Skirts make for cold legs in the winter.

+: Schools wouldn't have to require skirts. 

Where do you guys stand? 
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[Poll #1068432] I'm doing this out of interest. This is Part I - I'm going to have a Part II soon. I want to see what fads were the most popular, mostly for fun, though I may find something to do with the information.
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The gist: Start typing something ficcish, whatever comes to mind. The less sense it makes, the better. If possible, make a serious fic out of it - or a funny one, but a funny one that makes sense.

Mine is here:

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