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Crossposted to LJ.

So Ao3 fanfics are being stolen. And it's not just Ao3 - I've seen a fic or two from other sites.

The thing is, this isn't the only infringement - and it is infringement - I have seen. A few months ago, I learned that one of my fics was reposted. And I'm going to speak out about it publicly and unflocked, because honestly? That's a problem.

Yes, fanfiction is derivative. (Although there's original works on ebookstree as well.) But it is still, in the end, someone else's work. this means that no one else but the writer has any right to reproduce it in any form without permission. It doesn't matter if you say "Author By Night wrote this last May." It's still under your name, and you never asked them if you could repost it.

Although I know for a fact this sort of thing happened long before the advent of Facebook, twitter and ebooks, I do worry that as fanfiction gains more attention, it's becoming less and less safe. Whereas one of the great things for me as a fanfiction writer is that safety and security. I can dabble in worlds, explore what I think could've happened, might happen, shouldn't have happened. Some people love to write about different pairings. Many aspiring writers use it the way aspiring golfers use driving ranges - a place to hit balls until they're ready for the course. Or maybe it's already a course, but a different kind.  Maybe it's just fun, with no purpose other than that. Whatever it is to us as individuals, it's something we work hard on, something we take pride in. Even in we haven't touched fanfiction in years, even if we took it off the internet, it's still ours to share - or not share.

If you see a fanfic of mine, and want to repost it? Just ask. You never know, I may say yes, depending on where you post. But if I say no? Don't repost it. If I don't reply? Don't repost it. If I can't be contacted? Do not repost it.

Are we clear? 

ETA: Apparently this is a phishing scam, meaning no actual fics have been downloaded - basically they're taking from search engines. It's still not okay, and  I think my general point still stands.

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Which hopefully won't tick anyone off. I started this list on a friend's LJ but thought I'd post/add to it as well.

Glee - Renewed: Part of me is surprised, because it feels like very few people I know who were really into it at first - I mean full on "OMG WHY HAVEN'T YOU WATCHED THIS YET DON'T STOP BELIEVING" Gleeks - are actually into it; it seems to me a lot of them haven't really been interested in a while. Like them, neither have I, and I was pretty into the show at first. On the other hand, the people I do know who like it are also huge American Idol/Dancing With the Stars buffs, and in all complete honesty, I think Glee is really for that crowd. I'm not in it, however, so I'm pretty much out. (Although I do like the episodes with Kurt/Rachel/Santana in New York. I kind of wish Glee had taken a risk and followed them entirely.  Then maybe Rachel could've been given a singing storyline as well as yet another romantic one.)

Parks and Recreation - Renewed: I'm glad, because I do think this is a great show that deserves more viewers - OTOH I'm glad it doesn't and gets away with it, because I feel like shows are better when everyone isn't watching them and they don't have to be so... mainstream. I know this sounds really hipster of me, but that's what I think.

Happy Endings - Cancelled: I'm disappointed, because I do think this show really had something going for it. I wasn't the biggest fan, I'll admit that - the characters were all annoying, especially Penny, who I think we were supposed to actually really like. But I also feel that because it always teetered on the edge of cancellation, it was sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. It just feels like it never really had a chance.

Community - Renewed: I also think Community suffered a lot this season - there were what, ten episodes? So a lot of things didn't make sense, and so there wasn't even any payoff. I believe next season it can go back to rocking on. (Although I'll always stand by my belief that the first season was best. Sorry.)

Raising Hope - Renewed: This sort of surprises me. It's another show where I liked the first season, but after that I could take it or leave it. This seems to be a habit with me.

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 Let's face it, children's and young adult literature, comics and shows gave us a certain impression of life. Except of course, it was all a dream. I hated those endings. :P

So without further ado, I present...

Ways Things We Loved as Kids Screwed Up Our Perception of Reality )

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<center><span style="font-size:300%; font-family:cambria; line-height:80%;"><span style="color:#58FAAC">3 weeks for DW</span> <font color="#2EFE64 "><a href="">✰</a></font>
<span style="color: #2E64FE">FRIENDING MEME</span></span></center>

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Wow. I just lost an entire post because I accidentally clicked on a link instead of opening in a new window like it's 2013, it redirected me.

I hate computers.
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Once again, I'm currently rewatching Buffy and commenting on the episodes. They're not quite recaps - you can see The Watchercast for that, although I'll warn you they're slow. (They've been recapping since around 2006 and are still only in the middle of season three.) This may change, but for now, the commentary is going to be less scene-by-scene and more about what I got out of that episode "in hindsight." So you may also be a bit confused. I will spoil for pretty much everything, at least for Buffy - I'll try to be careful about Angel at least until I get to season four. (Speaking of which, I've decided to break a rewatch rule and comment on a season one episode and a season four episode together. Guess which one. You can follow my rewatches on the tag "rewindage," which I'll use on both LJ and DW.

Okay, episode time.

You think that's hard? Try having your Mom snatch your body. THAT'S HARD. )

Since I'm not going to be rewatching (or at least commenting on) every single episode, my next post will probably either be "The Pack" or "Angel."

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So I'm on a Buffy rewatch, and thought that I would talk about the episodes I rewatched here. I won't be doing every episode of every season - I'll probably dance around most of season WTF six. But I think now that I've seen all of the seasons, and given that it's been thirteen years since the show first aired, there's a lot of commentary to had. I'll use the tag "rewindage", because hey, Buffy speak is apropos.

Feel free to read even if you haven't seen Buffy, although it may be a little confusing. And spoilery. These posts will be half recap, half commentary, at least for now - I trust everyone to let me know if it's confusing.

Episodes 1-2: Welcome to Hellmouth & The Harvest )Episodes 1-2: Welcome to Hellmouth & The Harvest )Episodes 1-2: Welcome to Hellmouth & The Harvest )Episodes 1-2: Welcome to Hellmouth & The Harvest )

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So I saw Jack the Giant Slayer, and upon Wikipedia am disappointed to find it may not have been intended to be a parody or at the very least, an intentional tropefest. I was willing to give it that. 

Review - relatively spoiler free )

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So I saw the first part of The Hobbit today.

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Let's try this again. Sorry about before, the cut wouldn't work.


Fandom/Interests Friending Meme )
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Am I the only fan who is kind of sick of every other Happy Endings episode being Penny's Boy Problems? I think if they were less ridiculous, at least, it would be mildly tolerable.
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tl;dr moving fics from LJ/other places to Dreamwidth. Long stuff will be posted individually, will probably post drabbles and other shorts in sets. I will probably edit a bit as I go along.

Title: The Trouble With Wash (A Quartet)

Author: author_by_night

Fandom: Firefly

Summary: When Mal meets Wash, he is instantly impressed, much to Zoe's chagrin. He doesn't realize how soon - and often - things will change.

Pairing: Zoe/Wash

Rating: PG

Genre: Gen, drabble

Warnings: Spoilers for Serenity

The Trouble With Wash (A Quartet) )


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So I've decided to merge some fics posted on LJ and/or other defunct sites onto DW. I'll probably post drabbles and shorts together.

Title: Same Difference

Author: [personal profile] author_by_night 

Fandom: Harry Potter

Characters: Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall

Ships: Genfic, so none

Rating: G

Word Count: 2,45

Notes: Originally written for springtime_gen as a gift to st_aurafina.
Same Difference )


Dec. 21st, 2011 06:31 pm
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For those of you migrating over to DW, I'm here and will try and be more active. Maybe I'll start editing and posting old fanfics.

Anyway, add me!
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 So here I am at DW.  I wouldn't say I'm moving here instead of LJ, but I am going to try DW out while LJ is being wonky. And if I decide I like DW better, I may very well post here exclusively. Because in all honesty... I've been drifting from Livejournal for a while. (I'm not sure I was ever completely in love with it tbh.I keep saying I'm taking a break but keep being pulled back in. I just need a fresh start, and this is my fresh start.

I think I will make a few changes here, however. I'll post fanfic, old and new, but I think I'm also going to start including more essays. Much of the time that's what entries technically are anyway, but I'd like to do more of that.

And that's pretty much all I have at this time. 

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