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If you'd like to have an idea about what's on this LJ beyond the public entries, see my profile.
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There are two "hot coffee" stories - the popular one and the truth.

(Short post, cut is for use of .gifs.)

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Author: [ profile] author_by_night

Title: Full Circle

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: PG-13

Words: 7,523

Summary: When Andromeda hears that Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter are being sought by Voldemort, she and her cousin Sirius vows to protect both families. Unfortunately, in war, nothing ever goes as planned.

Characters: Andromeda Tonks, Ted Tonks, Nymphadora Tonks, Alice Longbottom, Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black

Ships: Mostly gen, with moments of Alice/Frank, Andromeda/Ted and Harry/Ginny.

Notes: Thank you to [ profile] sherylyn for beta reading! Also, as a warning to anyone for whom this is a touchy subject, this fic does deal with infertility and adoption.

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Over the years, something I've seen more and more of is this: "She may be famous, but in reality, JK Rowling isn't a very good writer."

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I'm just about out of thoughts! What do you guys think? Is JKR an overrated good writer, is she a good middle grade writer (but a sub par writer when you're older), or is she bloody brilliant and everyone who thinks otherwise has the emotional range of a teaspoon?
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The earth is definitely doomed.

I forsee a future where we only "like" things IRL, too. After all... if "likes" have hit the blogosphere, what else can we expect?

Below is a demonstration of what we might expect. With apologies to robots.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a new Harry Potter movie, is coming out soon. Here is a poll. Public so everyone can chime in.

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Nah, it won't. It's based on a reddit thread. :P And it's a bit limited since it's about specific shows (it helps to have seen all of them, probably should've seen at least two): Parks and Recreation, the US version of The Office, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'm sticking to them because they were all more or less created and/or written by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur.

Public, so anyone can feel free to jump in. :)

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At least according to the trending news on Facebook. When I watched it at eleven, Sabrina looked so mature. Now, in the picture they're showing, she looks so young. Of course, sixteen is to me now what seven year olds were to me at eleven.

So, random Sabrina thoughts:
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Did any of you watch Sabrina? Do you still?
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I thought that I would post the Hermione and Ginny friendship fic I wrote a few months ago.

Title: Outside the Bubble

Rating: Teen

Fandom: Harry Potter

Ships: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione.

Description: Ginny and Hermione's friendship as told in conversations throughout their years at Hogwarts.

Spoilers: All seven books. (Note that EWE can be applied.)

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Although I'm VERY glad we're addressing the emphasis on fashion and dating in girl's magazines (with disregard for the fact that girls do care about other things), I want to point out that Boys' Life isn't the boy version of Girls' Life. I thought that originally too, a few years ago when we happened to get both copies at work, but Boys' Life is for Boy Scouts, hence the emphasis on camping and such. So it's not like the same company is releasing two magazines, a girly one for chicks, a manly one for boys.

Also, from what I remember of Girls' Life (when I read it back in the late 90's and early 00's), they always seemed to have a fair balance between "fashion and boys" and other things. If some issues more than others. (And I will say that even at thirteen, I definitely noticed the number of white, thin, able-bodied models over... anyone else). That may have changed, or maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I seem to recall there were worse magazines when it came to that.

Again, I'm glad the issue is being addressed, I just hope people aren't coming away with the impression that Boys' Life is supposed to be "Girls' Life for Boys." (Although I do wonder if there's a Girl Scouts magazine, and if not, why that is.)
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Is there a trope name and/or an offiicial name for shows where the action/drama is constantly ongoing, nothing is really resolved, and even if there are Monster of the Week-esque episodes it's still generally tied inito something bigger? I found "Kudzu Plot", but that doesn't seem to be exactly what I mean.

Let me explain.

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Okay, this entry is cursed. Every single time I try and post anything, my internet cuts out, and it keeps not saving.

So, keeping it REALLY simple this time. This is a survey now, and because a million questions could be asked, I'll keep it to a few. Feel free to add your own thoughts! I've also made this public so others can jump in.

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I've been rewatching Communty. Some observations:

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When you're in your thirties and still think you have to wait half an hour to swim or you might die of a stomach cramp.

Because clearly what made sense to you at three (when your mom just wanted to finish napping) should make sense now...

But what if Old Wives' Tales were true???

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Is anyone else just not getting their friends' posts?

Because seriously, 24 hours will pass and I'll have five posts on my feed. Fine, it's a busy time of year and LJ's not that active, but then I go to individual LJs and surprise: I never saw their posts, even though there's only been about five posts a day, so you'd think I would've remembered that one.

Is LJ doing what facebook does? I don't really use filters so I don't think it's that.

It's hidden a few posts in the past, as I've said before, but either I'm using a filter and don't realize it or... I don't know. Anyone else having this issue?

(The one non-tech possibility I can think of is that people do seem to be posting what's later into the evening/night my time, and I tend to go offline around 10, 10:30 EST. So maybe everyone's just updating when I've already signed off for the night?)
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So no HUGE spoilers (except what I've spoiled tagged), but there is some commentary. (And there may be spoilers in the comments.) This is actually more positive than the brief review I gave the first few scenes.

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Overall consensus: It's different than most Harry Potter works, and gets off to a bumpy start, but I enjoyed it.
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- Going to get The Cursed Child at some point. I'm more curious than excited; it's like I'm going to see a friend I haven't seen in a long time, but while part of me is excited, I've been following her on social media and some things I've seen make me a little wary. But I don't want to be, because my friend and I went through so much together.

Also, let's face it,  part of me would've preferred The Scottish Book. (For those of you who don't remember or weren't in fandom at the time, "The Scottish Book" - not its actual title - was bascally going to be an encyclopedia of Harry Potter info. Kind of like The Simillarion. I think. I have a depressiing pet theory that the Lexicon lawsuit in 2009 killed those plans, and Pottermore is pretty much what TSB was going to be.)

The good news is, unless she kills off one of the trio (which I can't imagne), I don't have anyone I'm attached to this time around. So my heart shouldn't be too broken. Unless I get attached to one of the Next Gen, and they're killed off? (NONE of this is spoilery, btw. Just pure speculation on my part.)

- Someone on an anon comm I follow asked what happened to filking. I have no idea, but I miss them. I also miss fanvids. I honestly think those were killed largely by YouTube taking them off, and similar sites following suit. Which I don't get, because I actually found some of my favorite songs through fanvids. So if anything, I always saw it as cheap advertising, not a copyright infringement. Oh well. In any case, I miss them, and I don't get soundtracks. (They're called something else. Fanlists? Something like that. I mean no offense if you love them, I'm just very old school.)

Filking... honestly, probably just one of those things that changed with a new generation of fandom. I sometimes think we expect the internet to be permanent when really, it's no more permanent than RL. We used to have a roller rink in town, but c. 2000, it wasn't all that useful anymore. Trends come and go.

(I still filk, although I went years without filking. I seem to have gone retro in that respect.)

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So, guys? There's a problem. Her name is Mary Sue.

She has invaded our shows. Our books. Our movies. It's becoming a real problem.

Below are some signs that a fictional character is a Mary Sue. If you're writing her. stop immediately. If you've come across her, run the other way and DO NOT STOP. At least not until the next episode.

[Poll #2050355]
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And behold, my childhood as told by the books I read.

Feel free to do something similar yourself! I'd love to see what other people come up with. Therefore, I'm making this public. :)

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