Sep. 5th, 2017

author_by_night: (Folks by ozqueen (quoted from To Kill a)
In light of articles about unhelpful donations to horrible tragedies (to which people have commented: "if you're so ungrateful, I just won't donate, then!"), and some general observations, let's talk about ways to be helpful - whether you've come across the pinnacle of inspired tears someone who happens to have a disability, heard about a terrible tragedy, or found out a friend is going through some rough times.

I think the first thing people need to realize is that it's not anyone else's job to make you feel like a good person, and while I don't think too many people actively believes this to be the case, I think that's how people can feel subconsciously. It's not even that unreasonable; something makes you feel upset or confused, and you feel like you need to do something, because it makes you feel like you've found a way to deal with it. I don't think most people LIKE bad news. Read more... )

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