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 (Guess this is country? It's not a parody of a song, just a parody of... everything on the internet, basically.)


I read today about
A very sneaky man
Who found a clever way
To bootleg imported ham

It seemed rather silly
I paused and scratched my head
But I was the silly one
For not believing what I'd read
Because if it's on the internet
Then it must be true
Because if it's on the internet
It's real for me and you
Hold your Trojan horses
If a woman named Helen O'Troy
Sends you a friend request
It's an evil viral ploy
Your children will get rickets
If they're exposed to too much sun
We used to believe the opposite
But a new study has been done
Because if it's on the internet
Then it must be true
Because if it's on the internet
It's real for me and you
There was a day, my simple son
When we fact checked all we heard
But in these dark and testy times
You can't take anyone's word
So hoist up your Saddle App
It's all on here online
Fact check you don't believe me
But it's all a waste of time
Because if it's on the internet
Then it must be true
Because if it's on the internet
It's real for me and you
Because if it's on the internet
Then it must be true
Because if it's on the internet
It's real for me and you

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So I saw another fic for a fandom I'm in, and it was an AU for the last installment, which admittedly the fandom almost collectively hated. (I think there's a few people who liked and even loved it.) I'm definitely in the "hated it" camp.
However, I'm not a big fan of "if book X hadn't happened" fics. I never used to mind them, I even tried to write one, but that may have been around the time I decided I didn't like them.

I'm not a big fan of AUs altogether, not because I have issues with the concept, but because the execution often ends up being more wistful than purposeful. Let's use Harry Potter. There were many AUs where Harry was Sorted into the Slytherin House. This opens up all kinds of possibilities; the problem is, fanfics that did this were usually more interested in opening up the possibility of a Harry/Draco pairing and maybe a bit of general Slytherin love. So it's not really about exploring the "what ifs" so much as it is a slightly more plausible way for Harry and Draco to get together. The same is true with AUs of the book the writer didn't like; it's a matter of wish fulfillment, as opposed to a look at what could have been.

I think my other problem with them is that the way I see it... certain installments, awful though they may have been (at least to you), happened. It's like the embarrassing Grandpa - you cringe at his old fashioned humor (sometimes not so funny) and ideas, but he's still your Grandpa and he still gets invited to Christmas dinner. There's no point in pretending he's not there.

I don't mind AUs by themselves. I don't even mind retellings, exactly - as long as they're about a true alternative perspective, as opposed to wish fulfillment.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

(Also, because this post is public, I'm omitting the name of the fandom in question as it's small. Although to many of you it'll probably be fairly obvious...)
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I wrote this for the lovely lyras a while back, but never posted. She nudged me, so here goes. It's more of a rough draft, so feel free to beta in your review. And britpick. I am not British, no matter how much I wish I were, and I'm always concerned it shows. (Is American English spelling an Americanism?)

Title: The Guardians

Words: 1,976

Characters: The Order, Andromeda, Dora,Ted, Sirius

Summary: When Harry is left orphaned, two cousins attempt to step up to the plate - even though they're the last ones anyone thinks should.

The Guardians )

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Leave 'em at the door. I can't make any promises but I'll try. :)

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Firefly, Community.

Ships: Anything canon except Community, because it seems all Community ships are canon. :P Although I'd rather not pair Pierce, Dean Pelton or Ben Chang with anyone. Or Troy/Abed - their bromance should not be destroyed.  Gen is great too.

Characters: Just don't expect me to write Draco in Leather Pants.

Plot Betas

Jan. 25th, 2011 12:20 pm
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I have a request. Would anyone on my flist - or who just happens to be reading this - who is in the Harry Potter fandom be willing to be a plot beta? By that I mean not only help with grammar and stuff, but help me plan out a fanfic. I tend to talk certain ears off, but I'd rather surprise the people I normally spoil for a change.

The premise would basically be about the Order during the last half of the seventh book (partly to coincide with the movie). The focus would be mainly on Kingsley Shacklebot. So far my other major characters would be Remus, Tonks, Andromeda, Hestia (with Kingsley/Hestia), and Kingsley's parents who would of course be OCs. (They might be closer to minor characters or somewhere in between, I haven't quite decided but I do know their stories). Kingsley's journey is ultimately fighting the war, finding the balance between being a soldier and still living as the friend/son/lover he wants to be, and coming to terms with the fact that he's been designated as the leader and trying to figure out how to fulfill such a vital role.

If you're interested, leave me your email address. :) Comments are screened.


Nov. 3rd, 2010 10:00 pm
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I wrote this after witnessing a conversation wherein a woman relayed troubles with an abusive husband. This is not based on anything I myself am going through.

I have cut this for possible triggers. It's actually quite short.

Title: Okay

Author: [ profile] author_by_night 

Genre: Original Flash Fiction

Okay )Okay )


Dec. 14th, 2009 07:18 pm
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I'll take drabble/ficlet requests.

I can most easily write Harry Potter or Firefly, but I'm willing to try Ugly Betty or The Office. I can do Buffy as long as I can get away with only really knowing seasons 1-5 canon.

Give me:

- A basic prompt. Holiday/seasonal prompts are fine, but they don't have to be.

- A pairing if need be, though I'll do genfic as well. Keep in mind that I'm a canon shipper - I don't mind toying with pairings that aren't canon, as long as they don't contradict canon.

I'll probably reply in a separate LJ post, maybe two at a time or something, so keep your eyes open!
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At some point this past summer, not_last_resort requested a drabble. I wrote one, but for some reason it never got posted.

I found the drabble, but then I kept forgetting the notebook at work, and I don't really have LJ access at work anymore.

That's the story of the drabble never posted.

Onto the drabble itself!

Fandom: Firefly

The Trouble With Wash: A Quartet

Author: [ profile] author_by_night

When Mal meets a peculiar man named Wash, he is instantly pleased. He doesn't realize how quickly things will change.

Ships: Wash/Zoe.
The Trouble With Wash: A Quartet )
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Coming across a blatant Mary Sue made me think OC thoughts yet again. As did reading a question from a new writer a few weeks ago about how to avoid them. Besides, it's been a while since my last OC rant, no? ;)

Sues and Stus )
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Obviously by this I mean canon drabble/ficlet requests. The movie just got me in a very Half-Blood Prince writing mood.

I say drabble/ficlet because who knows how my writing might materialize. ;)

What I'm really looking for are missing moment requests, and/or alternative point of view moments, though I can also do characters discussing the events of something - or everything - that happened in HBP in TDH or even post-TDH.

If you haven't seen the movie, as I said last night, I highly suggest it. :) Just expect some significant changes from the books.
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Title: How Are You?

Author: author_by_night

Fandoms: None - original fiction

Genre: Satire

Summary: An LJ user is lost in translation.

Silly snarky story )
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Writers are quirky, no doubt about it.

If you write, tell me some of your quirks. We all have quirky writing habits - whether it's how we write, how we get ideas, etc.

Anonymous commenting is allowed.

Go forth, but don't multiply, because writing and mathematics don't mix.

(... I'm weird, okay?)
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You've written a story. Maybe it's a fanfic; maybe it's an original story. Whatever the case may be, you wrote it, and now want to know what others think.

So you do what anyone would do: you ask if anyone wants to read it.

Someone responds, "course I will!" So you send it enthusiastically, and await the response.

A day goes by, and the person has not responded. That's okay, right?

A week goes by. Two weeks. Four weeks. Four months.

This scenario has happened to all of us. Maybe it was just one friend who did it; maybe it was twenty friends who all said they'd read it. Nonetheless, it's a hurtful situation. Because while yes, every writer writes for themselves... writers need feedback to keep going. How else will we know if the story is bad or good?

But there are ways to soothe the pain - and to try and prevent it altogether.

Click to read more )


Jan. 26th, 2008 06:15 pm
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Title: Homecoming.

Type: Work in progress.

Genre: General.

Rating: Teens (PG-13).

Summary: Five years after the war, and four years after she  joined the Holyhead Harpies, Ginny returns home. Although initially elated, Ginny finds herself trying to adjust to returning to a world that has changed both too much and too little.

Central Ships:
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione.

Notes: I would like to thank my beta readers, [profile] katieay and [profile] starbuckx, for changing a few stinky diapers and other tasks to help me bring this baby up! ;)

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You’re at work, doing something fairly low key, depending on your job. It might be putting material into folders, it might be waiting to take your next order, or you might be a student, and you’re listening to a lecture.

Suddenly, a plot bunny nibbles on the carrot that is your muse.

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