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[personal profile] lindalupos asked: What are your thoughts on Dumbledore, and on Mr and Mrs Weasley, now you're rereading the series as an adult?

Hm... I'm not sure that much has changed in reading it while I'm older, per se, but here is what I've come away with in re-reading.

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For [ profile] charlieficathon.

Title: The Dragon King

Author: [ profile] author_by_night

Rating: PG-13

Prompt: Charlie's thoughts at Fred's funeral as he watches the other members of his family, their significant others, and family friends. For [ profile] rzzmg

Summary: Over the course of two and a half days, Charlie goes through the motions as he and his family cope with Fred's death and burial, struggling to comfort his family while dealing with his own grief - and guilt.

Ships: Established Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny and Bill/Fleur; some Molly/Arthur. But mostly, this is gen.

Author's Note: Thanks so much to [ profile] aggiebell90 for the beta reading!
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(Sorry, non-HP people, another public Harry Potter post.)

So I was reading some Charlie Weasley fanfic, and I realized that a lot of the time, Charlie is portrayed as either:

- An Adonis.

- A sexaholic.

- Both.

Am I the only one who sort of sees Charlie as a bit like a younger Hagrid with more common sense and less alcoholism?  I mean, I do see his job as being in a very rugged, busy atmosphere where there was more time for lust than actual love, so I'm sure he's not Mr. Committment, but I'm not sure where people get Sexy Dragon-Lovin' Adonis Player from. Bill, I can see, but not Charlie.

How do you see Charlie Weasley?

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Between Gryffindor Tower revamping a month ago (or more?) by now and Jo's statement that Harry and Ginny are soulmates,  and a plot bunny, I'm now on a full Ginny kick.

So I'd like some Ginny fic recs. They can be Harry/Ginny, or they can be gen (I'd love to see gen too, actually). I would prefer TDH consistent fic, though it can take place before or during that book.

And yes, you can rec yourselves.


P.S. Icons would also be welcome. 

Second edit: I realize some people are uncomfortable with open reccing (understandable - I am myself, actually), so feel free to post this anonymously, or rec over email or even IM.
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I've devised a list of crack theories for book seven - that is, theories that I feel are highly implausible, some even quite humorous, but they won't go away until I write them down.

ETA: After writing this, I'm not sure "crack theories" is the right term, but they're still not ones I think are remotely canon.

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