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For Deathly Hallows. And I can't really think of anything to say. :/

I guess I can ask a few questions! 

1. If you've been re-reading (or have re-read recently enough to remember), what are your impressions now versus then? 

2. Did you have any fan theories that came true, OR that were the exact opposite of what happened?

3. Did you write or read any fics that were eerily close to DH?

4. Anything else?

I am eventually going to do a Buffy/HP caption crossover. Or another one, I should say. Maybe over the weekend. :) And I will get to those drabbles eventually.
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Since DW butchered my earlier post, I'm trying to re-post. (Take three. Sigh. I'm so sorry, guys.)

Not 100% sure why I'm being nostalgic - I've grown up, after all. I'm not the slightly naive 22 year old girl I was ten years ago. But I also think part of growing up is realizing some things will always stay with you. Besides, adulthood sucks sometimes, and one needs a retreat to simpler times.

So even if I feel I should be talking about properly adult things instead of squeeing over a book series I used to really love, screw it, my LJ/DW's going to be nostalgic today. :P

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Apparently I have the day to myself, so I may concoct a few drabbles or... something later.

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 Crack theories I wrote right before the seventh Harry Potter book came out!

And so commences a lot of nostalgia in the next couple of days. :P

(Obviously there are still spoilers for all books. Also, my current commentary will be in italics.)

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The Weasleys (Prewetts?) are descended from Godric Gryffindor.
Why it almost works: The  Weasleys are as Gryffindor as it gets, from the good points to the bad, and they are fiercly pro-muggle, which certainly could've stemmed from something, right? Plus, that could also very well make the Blacks descendants, and wouldn't the irony of that be delicious? (Plus, it would work with my Sirius = desendant of Ayla and Jondalar crack fics I never wrote...) Finally, Ginny would've therefore technically been saved by the sword of her ancestor, another thing that would be cool. Not to mention the red hair - now, obviously, red hair isn't rare in Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales or anywhere else, Godric could've been from at that time (he could've been a Dane, and red hair is not uncommon in Denmark, from what I understand), not to mention the fact that a red hair gene carrying down so long would be hard, but it's still another tidbit. Um... not really, I listed about 87 reasons why that wasn't significant, but sure. Okay. :P
Why it still doesn't work as a whole: It just seems very, very far-fetched. Plus, I like Ron for being normal, and being a descendant would take away from that. Though conversely, it'd be nice for him to have something to be proud of, because I don't get the impression he feels proud of much. You can deny being a Chess pro or good at Quidditch, but you can't deny being the descendant of Godric Gryffindor. 
But again, it's just something that I feel is far-fetched.

Willy Widdershins was a cover up.
Why it almost works: Umbridge noted that he eavesdropped on the trio and the to-be DA in OoTP, and that was why he got away with hexing the toilets. But isn't it rather convenient that around the time there were "rumors" that Voldemort was back, a random wizard hexed muggle bathrooms?
We know Umbridge was willing to send Dementors after Harry. Why wouldn't she do more to make the MoM look good, to prove that any wizard could cause mayhem?
It's also possible that Lucius Malfoy bribed Willy Widdershins to take those actions. It would definitely bring attention away from the Death Eaters, no?
 Think of the general population reaction - "oh, it was some bloke with too much time on his hands, that other incident may have been too."
Why it still doesn't work as a whole: That plot died, so unless it comes back to haunt someone in a significant way, we won't need to know whether or not that's true. Also, if anything, it was probably a plot that was supposed to serve as a red herring - make the reader wonder if it was connected to Voldemort, when it really wasn't. And it was too a way for the DA to get caught.
Andromeda Tonks  knows something about Regulus that could be useful to finding out he is RAB.
Why it almost works: Harry is going to have to find out about the connection somehow. It is very possible that Andromeda Tonks knows something important - she may even know that Regulus destroyed the Horcruxes. She's also been alluded to, but never introduced, which seems strange.
Why it still doesn't work as a whole: At this point, introducing a whole new character and making her the key to a huge discovery for Harry would be pushing it. Why would it even occur to Harry to ask her, anyway? He'll more likely find out about RAB by Kreacher, Remus (who would  probably know his best friend's brother's  first and last initials), Tonks (as in, younger Auror Tonks) and/or by simple looking around. 

He DID find out through Kreacher!

The "other trio" will accompany Harry on the Horcrux Hunt, whether it takes place at Hogwarts or beyond. Took me a minute to realize I meant Luna, Neville and Ginny. Also LOL at  "The Horcrux Hunt."
Why it almost works: If it hadn't been for them, the DoM scene may have turned out quite differently. Luna, Neville and Ginny are extremely useful. And why give them plots if they won't be used again? They all have traits, too, that would be useful - Luna's tendency to accept things that are hard to accept could be an asset, for one. And they'll need Luna and Neville's gentle composures.
Why it still doesn't work as a whole: It's less that it doesn't work - it's more that it'd have to be done carefully, because in the end, it needs to be the trio. I'm not convinced it won't work, but I am convinced that it'll be less the other trio joining, and more that they help out as a seperate group, or that in the final battle, Ron and Hermione are present in helping directly but not the rest. They did lead La Resistance, though! (Luna, Neville and Ginny, that is.)

Crookshanks is Regulus.
Why it almost works: It definitely doesn't; the only place it belongs is in a badfic at the pit of voles. (Unless the author can write it very well.) But it's an amusing theory to cross your mind. I want crackfic now.

ETA: After writing this, I'm not sure "crack theories" is the right term, but they're still not ones I think are remotely canon.

Maybe "would be cool if this happened" theories? Although Regulus being Crookshanks was definitely a crack theory.


What were some of your old theories? (Both crack theories and serious ones?)

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dimity_blue  [personal profile] rogueslayer452 asked me what I thought of the Deathly Hallows epilogue. A contentious topic if there ever were one.


(ETA:  I apologize for naming the wrong person.)

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So I'm doing some Harry Potter fandom entries for the anniversaries of the first and last books respectively coming up. I asked my friends to ask me some things about my time in the fandom/thoughts on HP fandom in general. There's still plenty of time to do so!

I'm going to answer one of [personal profile] makamu 's questions:  The first fanfics I ever  read and/or wrote. I'll keep this public.

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- Going to get The Cursed Child at some point. I'm more curious than excited; it's like I'm going to see a friend I haven't seen in a long time, but while part of me is excited, I've been following her on social media and some things I've seen make me a little wary. But I don't want to be, because my friend and I went through so much together.

Also, let's face it,  part of me would've preferred The Scottish Book. (For those of you who don't remember or weren't in fandom at the time, "The Scottish Book" - not its actual title - was bascally going to be an encyclopedia of Harry Potter info. Kind of like The Simillarion. I think. I have a depressiing pet theory that the Lexicon lawsuit in 2009 killed those plans, and Pottermore is pretty much what TSB was going to be.)

The good news is, unless she kills off one of the trio (which I can't imagne), I don't have anyone I'm attached to this time around. So my heart shouldn't be too broken. Unless I get attached to one of the Next Gen, and they're killed off? (NONE of this is spoilery, btw. Just pure speculation on my part.)

- Someone on an anon comm I follow asked what happened to filking. I have no idea, but I miss them. I also miss fanvids. I honestly think those were killed largely by YouTube taking them off, and similar sites following suit. Which I don't get, because I actually found some of my favorite songs through fanvids. So if anything, I always saw it as cheap advertising, not a copyright infringement. Oh well. In any case, I miss them, and I don't get soundtracks. (They're called something else. Fanlists? Something like that. I mean no offense if you love them, I'm just very old school.)

Filking... honestly, probably just one of those things that changed with a new generation of fandom. I sometimes think we expect the internet to be permanent when really, it's no more permanent than RL. We used to have a roller rink in town, but c. 2000, it wasn't all that useful anymore. Trends come and go.

(I still filk, although I went years without filking. I seem to have gone retro in that respect.)

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Because I'm a huge nerd, and with the final movie coming out, and because I am rereading DH (kind of), I decided to do a round up of some of the biggest Harry Potter fan predictions and rate them. Feel free to disagree!

And for the record, I'm not including strictly shippy predictions. 

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Between Gryffindor Tower revamping a month ago (or more?) by now and Jo's statement that Harry and Ginny are soulmates,  and a plot bunny, I'm now on a full Ginny kick.

So I'd like some Ginny fic recs. They can be Harry/Ginny, or they can be gen (I'd love to see gen too, actually). I would prefer TDH consistent fic, though it can take place before or during that book.

And yes, you can rec yourselves.


P.S. Icons would also be welcome. 

Second edit: I realize some people are uncomfortable with open reccing (understandable - I am myself, actually), so feel free to post this anonymously, or rec over email or even IM.
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So I've been thinking about how I feel about most of Jo's chats/interviews/appearances being catered for her eight year old fans, when IMO there's no way they actually understood TDH.

And wondering how reasonable it is.

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I've devised a list of crack theories for book seven - that is, theories that I feel are highly implausible, some even quite humorous, but they won't go away until I write them down.

ETA: After writing this, I'm not sure "crack theories" is the right term, but they're still not ones I think are remotely canon.
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Or it might, anyway, if anyone fancies going to the Quill Chat today. It is not limited to members of SQ87, or even Quillers - all are welcome.

What time will it be? Well, it will be from 4 PM EST till whenever - it usually lasts until 11 PM EST.

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Reading an LJ I had way back when, [profile] amayla. It's sort of interesting; I was still in High School, and ranting about "teh ebil pom-pom mafia" and calling my classmates communists. (Which is a bit strange, but I was a bit strange.) 

So now I'm reading my reaction of OoTP... it's tres interesting. 

Okay, so I guess I might as well look at my HBP reactions, too, to see how much my views have changed. I just wish I could find my old GoF ones... 
oh well.

So, I say we make this a meme, or at least a discussion. Anyone have old opinions? GoF and earlier would be even better! I don't really have those reactions written anywhere I can access, and I can't remember a lot of my initial reactions, though I know after PoA, I still wasn't entirely sure we should trust Sirius.

*Ducks*  Sorry!


Jul. 17th, 2005 12:06 pm
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ALready got fanfic ideas.

(Warning - spoilers might be in the comments).
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Inspired by



Bad Remus/Tonks Fic in Five Minutes or Less

Remus: *Has his head in a pillow, and is sobbing loudly.*

Molly: *Passing Remus’s room with Arthur* I offered him a piece of cake, but he started wailing that when Sirius was arrested, he’d threatened to set a piece of cake on fire and throw it at  him, and that he regrets it now!

Arthur: Oh, poor Remus. He doesn’t have it easy; now all he has left are his five fingers, which he named after all the loved ones who have died. *Goes down the stairs with Molly*

Tonks: *Begins to walk in the room, and falls* OWIE!

Remus: WAHHHH!!!!!

Tonks: *Gets up* Wotcher, Remus. Are you still crying? What happened?

Remus: *Lifts head up* The LAST of my school FRIENDS is GONE.

Tonks: …. Who?

Remus: S-SIRIUS! *Starts wailing so hard the house shakes*

Tonks: Er, who? Oh, the weird long lost relative of mine?

Remus: *Nods*

Tonks: Oh… *falls over again, this time without moving.*

Remus: *Is upset, but still chivalrous, and helps her up.*

Tonks: *Wipes away a tear* It’s all okay, Remy. I’m here to save you from all emerging evil, even if the author has made me a ditz.
Remus: *Stares for a moment, then starts snogging her*

Tonks: *Snogs back*



Phineas Nigellus (in the picture frame): Oh, get a ROOM already.

*The End*



Bad Marauder Era Fic in Five Minutes or Less

Year one

Sirius: I am Sirius Bad-arse Black, man.

Remus: I’m Remus Lupin, and I cry myself to sleep every night over my being a *mumbleolf.*

Peter: I’m Peter, the tagalong.

James: Dude, I’m, like, JAMES.

Snape: You are, like, SO idiotic.

Sirius, James: *Throw five hexes at once with one wand flick*

Snape: *Ducks, runs, and swears to steal Lily Evans from James, even though he has no way of knowing who she is.*

Peter: *Drools*

Year Two

Sirius: Remus, are you a Werewolf?

Remus: …. Yep.

Everyone: COOL!


Year Three

James: Let’s become animagi!

Sirius: Woohoo!

Peter: If you’re doing it, I’ll play along.

Remus: *Headdesk*


Year Four

Lily: *Wakes up dreaming she’s holding a kid screaming for his life* Hmm, could this be foreshadowing?

Roommate: Go back to sleep.


Year Five

MWPP: *Become MWPP*

Lily: James is a hothead.

Snape: Lily, want to go out with me?

Lily: No.

Snape: Fine. I’ll become a Death Eater.

Lily: Whatever. James, you’re a hothead!


Lily: …. I’m so hurt. Get a life.


Year Six

Lily: *Wakes up from another dream, runs into the boy’s dormitory and sobs into James’s lap*

James: Ooh, I like this.

Sirius: Hey James, I attempted murder tonight.

James: WHATYOUIDIOT! *Runs off to be a martyr*

Peter: *Decides to become a Death Eater, as they’d have left Snape to die*


Year Seven

Lily & James: *Declare their love*

Snape: *Becomes a DE*

Peter: *Becomes a DE*

Sirius: *Celebrates dinner with the 600th classmate he’s slept with*

Remus: *Cries for one reason or another*


Remus: *Packs up and goes to live in a cave as a hermit for the next 12 years*



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