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Summary: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as told through other characters.

Many of these segments are combined drabbles, so characters aren't necessarily all in one section.

EDIT: The original title was "Goblets." I have now changed it to "Spectators."

The Homecoming of William Weasley (Bill, the Weasleys)

Games (Charlie, Hestia, Tonks)

Matters of Urgency (Tonks, Remus, Fleur, Megan)

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus (Charlie, Ron, Tonks)

Yule, Part I (Megan, Fleur)

Yule: Part II (Megan, Bill)

All Creatures Great and Small (Hagrid's father, Flitwick, Fleur)

Enough Book Reading (Fleur, Viktor, Cedric)

What You'll Sorely Miss (Fleur, Hestia, Bill, Tonks)

Unforgivable (Narcissa, Andromeda)

Madness (Tonks, Remus, Crouch!Moody, Alice, Frank)

Preparations and Diversions (Assorted Hufflepuffs, Remus, Bill, Fleur)

The Maze (Fleur, Bill, Cho)

Fog (Tonks, Fleur, Viktor, Bill, Charlie, Helga Hufflepuff's portrait)

Old Crowd, New Crowd (Assorted Order members)

What the Ministry Doesn't Want You to Know (Fleur, Megan)

What Would Come Would Come (Hestia, Megan, Bill, Fleur, Tonks, Charlie, Remus)
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This is my final installment of Spectators.

Expressionless (Megan, Hestia) )

(Side note: Exactly. Sort of., which I wrote a few years ago, serves as a continuation of this drabble.)

Gringotts (Bill, Fleur) )

The Temporary Departure of Charles Weasley )
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These take place after Crouch shows up, and disappears, at Hogwarts.

(Also, I'm basically done the book, so drabbling instead of recapping didn't quite go as planned. It's still fresh, though!)

Standing (Remus, Tonks, Sirius) )

Defensiveness (Remus, Crouch!Moody) )

Well, that was productive.

Agatha Christie (Tonks, Alice, Frank) )
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Vibius and Fridwulfa (Hagrid) )

Goblin Charms (Filius Flitwick) )

The Face of a Veela (Fleur) )

"Have you ever considered that more people might be of so-called 'inferior birth' than you realize? People who are in your life now?"

"I don't consider you inferior."

Fleur laughed coldly. "Make no mistake - I know I am often arrogant. But I don't think it's all about me, and neither should you."


But Fleur was already storming out of Charms, not even caring that she was skiving off class. At the corner of her eye, she could've sworn she saw Flitwick smiling.
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I posted this all as one part earlier, but since they're longer drabbles/ficlets I decided to go ahead and make them two parts.

Link to Part I

Home for Christmas (Bill, Molly, Arthur) )

One Last Dance (Megan, Cedric) )
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Note: This also serves as an assortment of companion drabbles to a one-shot I wrote about two years ago, Three Shifters Shifting, which is how Remus, Tonks and Sirius spent their Christmas.

ETA: I decided to separate them into two parts, since together they're longer.

Ask Me Later (Megan, Cedric) )
Trying (Fleur, Roger Davies) )
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Recap: I'm writing drabbles/ficlets/short one shots to go along with my Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire re-read. Also serves as a flimsy prequel to my WIP.

From now on I'll also include characters in the cuts, since I'm going to cover quite a few.

A Leaky Reunion - Bill, Charlie, Tonks, Hestia Jones )
Talk About Boys (Megan Jones, Hestia Jones) )

A Mark of Childhood (Hestia, Bill, Percy, Tonks) )

As the Dust Settles (Remus, Tonks) )
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So I'm going to call my Goblet of Fire drabbles, ficlets and short one shots "Goblets." (Because I've been re-reading GoF thanks to [ profile] amorette, and found myself inspired.)

Here is the first one.

The Homecoming of William Weasley )

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