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There are two "hot coffee" stories - the popular one and the truth.

(Short post, cut is for use of .gifs.)

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Although I'm VERY glad we're addressing the emphasis on fashion and dating in girl's magazines (with disregard for the fact that girls do care about other things), I want to point out that Boys' Life isn't the boy version of Girls' Life. I thought that originally too, a few years ago when we happened to get both copies at work, but Boys' Life is for Boy Scouts, hence the emphasis on camping and such. So it's not like the same company is releasing two magazines, a girly one for chicks, a manly one for boys.

Also, from what I remember of Girls' Life (when I read it back in the late 90's and early 00's), they always seemed to have a fair balance between "fashion and boys" and other things. If some issues more than others. (And I will say that even at thirteen, I definitely noticed the number of white, thin, able-bodied models over... anyone else). That may have changed, or maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I seem to recall there were worse magazines when it came to that.

Again, I'm glad the issue is being addressed, I just hope people aren't coming away with the impression that Boys' Life is supposed to be "Girls' Life for Boys." (Although I do wonder if there's a Girl Scouts magazine, and if not, why that is.)
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So the internet has been talking about this for a while now - friends with kids versus friends who don't have them, single friends versus married friends, etc. We get videos like this, where Moms woefully explain why they can't talk to their childless friends anymore, and corresponding comments saying those Moms are selfish.

I don't have kids, but I have friends who are married and/or have kids, and yeah, your friendship changes. I'd argue, however, that if your day-to-day life works differently than a friend's, it can be hard to get them (however well-meaning) to really understand why regardless of the reason. I worked full time while I was in college, and my classmates would be all, "hey, let's do this at 2 PM on a Tuesday!" Seriously? Sometimes I haven't even had a chance to eat lunch yet. The real world isn't a 90's sitcom where you can sit around a cafe all day and still have a job. 9:30 PM, then? Are you kidding? I wake up at six tomorrow morning.

But enough talking from me. Let's examine both sides and the crazy things they assume about one another. With pop culture references, because they're like, awesome.

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It's the most thankful time of year! The 30  Days of Thanks meme is circulating, some of it touching, some of it explainabragging (we get it, your life is perfect, unless you're overcompensating - but you wouldn't do that), some of it TMI, and some of it so mundane you almost wonder if it's supposed to be sarcasm...

But sometimes life gives you lemons. So have some cliche lemonade, and find out what people would say in their 30 Days of Thanks if they were completely honest with  - and about -  themselves.

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This isn't part of the original meme, but it is a proper blog.

So, let's talk about bullying. It's hard to ignore it, because everyone's talking about it these days; what it means, how to prevent it, will implementing experiments where kids have to shun one another help, etc.

Here's my question - what exactly constitutes bullying? In my opinion, the term can not only be overrused, but in fact, underused.
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All thoughts are welcome!
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So there's a lot of talk these days about the "death of fandom," usually attributed to LJ sucking, Dreamwidth (which I personally think could replace LJ if it caught on more), other social media (tumblr primarily gets the blame, but twitter and Facebook as well), and so forth.

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ETA: Just to clarify, I'm not talking about the Harry Potter fandom specifically - it was/is my primary fandom so that's why I use it as my main example. I'm talking about fandom, period.

You know...

Feb. 9th, 2012 07:51 am
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When in the past twelve months, three people I know have had cancer and two of them have died because of it, "repost if you hate cancer" is the last f___g thing I want to see. (Excuse my french. I just don't think any other word properly expresses my annoyance.)

And also, many those photos being spread around are of kids who've already died or never were dying, and  their parents are sickened. I mean, seriously. Just donate to a charity of your choice and post about THAT to Facebook.

I mean, I get it because I used to be that person.  I thought I was making such a difference in the world, one Facebook guilt trip, one chain email guilt trip, one LJ post guilt trip at a time. And then one day I realized I was just making important things trivial by turning them into chain memes, and that some of the stuff I was posting was actually quite patronizing. So I stopped.

Love to [ profile] beatriceeagle for keeping me from going batshit on said individuals last night.

(Keeping this post public on purpose.)

ETA: And for the record, it's not bad to post about bad things. I'm not saying that. Just... don't attach pictures of kids if you don't know where the picture is coming from, and enough with the guilt trips attached and the patronizing stuff.
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Inspired by today's Writers Block.[Poll #1470058]

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Apparently, [Poll #1462643]
(Non HP fans: Sorry for spamming your flists, but I wanted to make the poll public.)
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So today I was on a messageboard, and someone mentioned how she doesn't have as many friends on it as her other friends. This is not the first time I've seen that complaint - and in two cases, the people who said this were adults in their twenties.

I myself posted an entry a few days ago - not about having too few friends there, but about how many don't want to go beyond pokes. Again, I've heard it said by other people as well.

I did some thinking just now.

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