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 (Guess this is country? It's not a parody of a song, just a parody of... everything on the internet, basically.)


I read today about
A very sneaky man
Who found a clever way
To bootleg imported ham

It seemed rather silly
I paused and scratched my head
But I was the silly one
For not believing what I'd read
Because if it's on the internet
Then it must be true
Because if it's on the internet
It's real for me and you
Hold your Trojan horses
If a woman named Helen O'Troy
Sends you a friend request
It's an evil viral ploy
Your children will get rickets
If they're exposed to too much sun
We used to believe the opposite
But a new study has been done
Because if it's on the internet
Then it must be true
Because if it's on the internet
It's real for me and you
There was a day, my simple son
When we fact checked all we heard
But in these dark and testy times
You can't take anyone's word
So hoist up your Saddle App
It's all on here online
Fact check you don't believe me
But it's all a waste of time
Because if it's on the internet
Then it must be true
Because if it's on the internet
It's real for me and you
Because if it's on the internet
Then it must be true
Because if it's on the internet
It's real for me and you

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It's the season finale, everyone! And ratings have been hit or miss. No worries, we know how to make sure you'll keep watching next year.

Let's roll it out!

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"Okay, guys. Gary's Grill at seven?"

Gryffindor: Let's do a different place. I heard people in charge of that one publicly endorsed something terrible.

Slytherin: Some of us live closer to Mark's Steakhouse. Let's go there.

Ravenclaw: We should either go later or earlier if we want to avoid a long wait.

Hufflepuff: I'll be there!
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The earth is definitely doomed.

I forsee a future where we only "like" things IRL, too. After all... if "likes" have hit the blogosphere, what else can we expect?

Below is a demonstration of what we might expect. With apologies to robots.

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When you're in your thirties and still think you have to wait half an hour to swim or you might die of a stomach cramp.

Because clearly what made sense to you at three (when your mom just wanted to finish napping) should make sense now...

But what if Old Wives' Tales were true???

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So, guys? There's a problem. Her name is Mary Sue.

She has invaded our shows. Our books. Our movies. It's becoming a real problem.

Below are some signs that a fictional character is a Mary Sue. If you're writing her. stop immediately. If you've come across her, run the other way and DO NOT STOP. At least not until the next episode.

[Poll #2050355]
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Because if writers insist on making the characters of my childhood and teen years miserable/horrible/both, might as well get one step ahead of them.

Today, we have Adultified: Charlie Brown.

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Upon reading a variety of blogs that ranged from silly to offensive in the past... whenever blogging became a thing, I decided to post:

A. The sort of blog titles I see. (Noting that they aren't always as horrible as the title implies - although really, you still shouldn't start off with your readers ready to punch you in the face.)

B. The sort of blogs/articles I've read.

This is image heavy.

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*Just a note: This is the only stock image, so don't waste time trying to figure out what "show/movie" it's from. 
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So a blogger and school head supposes that popular books like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games cause brain damage.

Let's get our spork on! (NOTE: I did leave some parts out. You can suffer through the entire thing if you'd like.)

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Someone posts about Harry Potter on the internet. An entertainment site. Livejournal. Facebook. fandomsecrets. Wherever.

Behold, the comments you're most likely to see.

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Some things just ask for it.

Article:Four Things I Learned About My Marriage When My Husband Left Me.

Spoiler alert: By "left" she means he physically left to go away with her son. I think. This is so poorly written I'm not entirely sure what's going on.

And no, I do not think this is satire. She has a blog called "Married my sugar daddy." (According to the intro he's "not really my Sugar Daddy.")

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1. Mix together garlic, lemon juice, and sugar.

2. Drink it.

3. Dance named under the moonlight. Chant loudly: "OUT, DAMNED BITE!"

4. Never heed medical advice from some random post on Facebook ever again.

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These are five things. They are relevant. Just read this thing. I promise it's not clickbait!

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After reading countless letters and seeing countless vlogs by parents apologizing to their childless friends, I decided to write up an apology of my own as someone with a full time job.

Or, what your friends who don't work 9-5 fail to understand )

*Not my real name.

(Also, if anyone is concerned about the nature of this piece, see the tags.)
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Why teenagers shouldn't read adult books )

(For those of you who might be utterly lost right now, this is a response to an article criticizing adults who read Young Adult literature. For some reason I can't find the link, but I think it's been passed around the internet enough that you should be able to find it somewhere.)
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For whatever reason I've found myself having a lot of nostalgic conversations lately. So I thought I'd take a tongue-in-cheek look at how Harry Potter fandom has screwed me over for fiction, the internet, and the real world.

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(Don't take this too seriously, guys.)

[Poll #1969105][Poll #1969105]

"Results" )
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So the internet has been talking about this for a while now - friends with kids versus friends who don't have them, single friends versus married friends, etc. We get videos like this, where Moms woefully explain why they can't talk to their childless friends anymore, and corresponding comments saying those Moms are selfish.

I don't have kids, but I have friends who are married and/or have kids, and yeah, your friendship changes. I'd argue, however, that if your day-to-day life works differently than a friend's, it can be hard to get them (however well-meaning) to really understand why regardless of the reason. I worked full time while I was in college, and my classmates would be all, "hey, let's do this at 2 PM on a Tuesday!" Seriously? Sometimes I haven't even had a chance to eat lunch yet. The real world isn't a 90's sitcom where you can sit around a cafe all day and still have a job. 9:30 PM, then? Are you kidding? I wake up at six tomorrow morning.

But enough talking from me. Let's examine both sides and the crazy things they assume about one another. With pop culture references, because they're like, awesome.

What Single/Married Friends Think You Do )

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