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So it's snowing in Maryland, and it made me think of this story I recall reading but can't name. I wondered if you would be able to? I'm pretty sure that it was a fairy tale of sorts written in the 1800s or 1900s.

The premise of the story, to the best of my recollection, is that a couple (elderly/childless perhaps?) adopts a snow girl as their child. They adore her until one day, she either melts or retreats into the snow.

Does anyone know what story I'm thinking of? Or is this something I completely made up in my head? 

ETA: I think I found it, but it appears to be a modern children's book - is this also a fairy tale? Because while the story i heard was definitely for kids, I don't remember it being in a book, unless someone just put an old story into a children's book. Or I'm crazy, that's also a possibility. ;)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Oh, tons of pieces of advice could qualify,, LOL. One popular piece of advice that certainly comes to mind are those "I messages" - in other words, telling someone how you I really feel. 

In theory, 'I messages' are an effective problem solving tool, whether you're seven or eighty seven. But there's times when they should and shouldn't be used; it's so easy to say to someone "tell ___ how you feel", because we know what they just told us, and the words made us feel for them. But that party might not agree, or how the advicee reveals how they really feel might not be what you intended.  The fact of the matter is, our feelings are personal for a reason. I'm not saying anyone should hold things in - you have to tell people how you feel sometimes. But there's times, places, and ways to do it, even without those 'I messages.' (And don't use them on people who don't care how you feel, or possibly want you to have negative feelings. Been there, done that, still kick myself for it.)

I think in general though, all advice has the potential to be bad. It should be given and taken carefully, with context and stuff in mind too. (Whoops, is that advice?)

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So apparently, Jennifer Aniston has declared that she is okay with being a "lonely single girl."

This is hardly the first time I've seen it declared that to be single is to naturally be lonely. I even read an article that suggested learning how to play one-person games and not being shy to order pizza for yourself, because of course nobody associates with the single girl. People see the single girl as forever alone, loveless and desperate.

Is there ever truth in that? Well, let me look at myself, a single girl headed for "spinsterhood." (Actually, I think the modern term is "cat lady." Because women with significant others hate cats.)

- I have a job that helps me pay for my basic needs.

- I have a supportive family, who I love.

- I have supportive friends, who I love.

- I'm generally happy with where I am.

Now, of course a man in my life would be nice. And I'm not going to lie, I've had guys I was interested in, and I've felt longing for a relationship. If I met a man this week and discovered we both had feelings for each other and both did not want to be apart, I'd gladly pursue something deeper. 

But why does every woman have to be in a relationship to be considered complete? Queen Elizabeth I defeated the Spanish Armada without a man. Back then, you had the choice of being married to a man and popping babies every year until you finally died in childbirth, or being unmarried and making history. I'd personally rather make history.

When two people find each other, a special bond is made. It's definitely something worth wanting for oneself. But it's not anything that should be an obligation, because platonic love counts for a lot - as does self-confidence.

Headed for spinsterhood/catladyhood? Eh, hopefully I'll find a man someday. But if not - I know I will be okay.
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As of right now, my teeth are normal.

Before, they were sort of crooked, but I just had them whitened and straightened. So for the most part, they actually look normal. :D

Only downside? Can't talk because I'm numb, laughing hurts (and I just had the greatest laugh of my life thanks to [personal profile] kelleypen), and it hurts a bit anyway, but oh well! ;)

By the way, kelleypen has won the "Best Who-Am-I Meme Clues" Award with this post. Kelley, I am thinking up a proper prize as we speak!

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