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So I watched the second season of Master of None, and have thoughts both on that and Aziz Ansari's saying that he doesn't want a third season until he's in a different place in his life. 

(This post is 100% spoilery.)


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So no HUGE spoilers (except what I've spoiled tagged), but there is some commentary. (And there may be spoilers in the comments.) This is actually more positive than the brief review I gave the first few scenes.

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Overall consensus: It's different than most Harry Potter works, and gets off to a bumpy start, but I enjoyed it.
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As promised, here is my review. It's a tad spoilery.

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Not a review, really, just... thoughts.

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So I saw Jack the Giant Slayer, and upon Wikipedia am disappointed to find it may not have been intended to be a parody or at the very least, an intentional tropefest. I was willing to give it that. 

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So I saw the first part of The Hobbit today.

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I don't talk about Mad Men a lot here, but I decided to react this time.

Please note that this post will contain spoilers. A lot of them.

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So before I get ready for work (yay afternoon shifts), I thought I'd type up a quick reaction post!

Spoiler cut is spoilery. If you click, you will be spoiled.

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