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Over the years, something I've seen more and more of is this: "She may be famous, but in reality, JK Rowling isn't a very good writer."

Some minor spoilers for all Harry Potter books under the cut (and potentially huge ones in the comments).Read more... )

I'm just about out of thoughts! What do you guys think? Is JKR an overrated good writer, is she a good middle grade writer (but a sub par writer when you're older), or is she bloody brilliant and everyone who thinks otherwise has the emotional range of a teaspoon?
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So I wanted to do a poll on what former/current Harry Potter fans think of JK Rowling's new book, The Casual Vacancy, coming out soon. I've heard mixed reactions but would like more of a consensus. I'd also be interested to hear from people who weren't into the Harry Potter books. Obviously I don't personally care what your answers are - just curious. :)[Poll #1865597]

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Apparently JK Rowling is publishing a book for adults.

I'm intrigued. Though I like to think it will be a more adult sci fi/fantasy, I don't want her to do what some other authors I liked have done, and write a "darker and edgier" (read: angstier and gloomier) version of the story she wrote before. That's kind of why I was always glad there was no "Harry Potter: The Adult Years" series.

On the other hand, I always felt that she had an amazing world built, but because she decided to write not only with one POV, but the POV of what started out as an eleven year old kid, she was very limited. It didn't help that the audience was quite young. Don't get me wrong, I think JK Rowling did a great job building as much as she did - but at the end of the day, there's so many loose ends she never explored. I'd like to see what she could do with adult characters.

I think that there's a risk of people expecting this book to be Harry Potter II, and there being a certain amount of backlash if it isn't. Now, it would surprise me if it weren't also fantasy, or at least didn't pull from fantasy or folklore in some way - but that could be done with anything and not necessarily be concrete fantasy the way Harry Potter is. On the other hand, she's great with mystery, so I could see her tackling that genre. Or something entirely different. In hindsight, maybe returning to fantasy would be risky, because it could be seen as in her world - if that's what she would be going for, okay, but if she's trying to move away from the series, it might not be what she wants.
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Apparently, [Poll #1462643]
(Non HP fans: Sorry for spamming your flists, but I wanted to make the poll public.)
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I've devised a list of crack theories for book seven - that is, theories that I feel are highly implausible, some even quite humorous, but they won't go away until I write them down.

ETA: After writing this, I'm not sure "crack theories" is the right term, but they're still not ones I think are remotely canon.
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(Yet again, non-Harry Potter people- forgive me.)

Many of us were children or in our early teens when we first picked up the book with that odd guy in front of a train (or on a broomstick, or somewhere else, depending on where you reside.) 

So I'm conducting a survey of sorts, and want feedback from those of you who were in your teens or younger when you first read the books. In a short paragraph or sentence, tell me these things
- Your country of residence.

- The fandom/LJ name you want to be quoted as (in case I decide to quote yours), or if you'd rather not be quoted, but still want to answer. 

- How old you are now, and how old you were then. 

- What it was like, growing up with the books.

If you know someone who grew up with the books (little brother/sister, younger friend, your own kid, etc.), you may also post about that. 

Note: I will be quoting a number of these unless you request otherwise, but it is possible not all answers will be used. I will make an effort to link to this post when I complete the project, but if it is hard to fit the number I recieve in, I will not be able to. However, again, I will link to this.

Oh, and just FYI: I was fourteen when I first read the books. I'm now twenty two. Time flies!

ETA: Thanks to all of you who have replied so far! 41 comments! One of these days I will catch up on replying, but in the meantime, it's been cool hearing all of your stories, and look forward to more. :)
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JKR confirms that, GASP, she does not hate people who are overweight!

Of course, knowing fandom, a lot of people will just say she wasn't "sensitive enough", or note that she made no explanation to the R/S and H/Hr shippers, but this is a start. 

P.S. People who look for reasons to hate the books and/or JKR can now be known, by me, as "Dursleys."

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