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Inspired by this 30 Rock/Mad Men quotes mash-up, I decided to try a few of my own.

This one is Firefly/Serenity meets Star Wars. Some of the lines were merged (i.e. lines from both shows) and/or taken out of context.

Image heavy post is image heavy! Also, feel free to request mash-ups, and/or give me your suggestions.

(I will tell you that you need to be familiar with both SW and Firefly/Serenity. Otherwise these will not make any sense. I promise.)
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Talk about your ships.

First, in general ships have never mattered to me that much. With some exceptions.
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First, here is the link to the original questions. I apologize for the confusion before.

Day 2 - Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

Day 2 )

And this is really for Day 3, but I didn't see the point of waiting...

Day 3 )
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You can't take the sky from me.

Sorry. I had to. :P
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I decided to sit down, write, and see what I came up with. It's probably not a bad exercise.

These may or may not be edited at a later time. There are also mild spoilers for each fandom.

Hair (Harry Potter; Andromeda, Alice, Tonks) )

Mustache (Firefly; Wash/Zoe )


Columbia (Community; Jeff, two Original Characters) )
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A user on a Dollhouse community suggested that if you skirted around a few small things, Dollhouse could be seen as a prequel to Fireflyverse. Ironically enough, I was thinking the same thing yesterday.


So, Dollhouse watchers: is it just us?

(Spoilers in the comments, obviously.)

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At some point this past summer, not_last_resort requested a drabble. I wrote one, but for some reason it never got posted.

I found the drabble, but then I kept forgetting the notebook at work, and I don't really have LJ access at work anymore.

That's the story of the drabble never posted.

Onto the drabble itself!

Fandom: Firefly

The Trouble With Wash: A Quartet

Author: [ profile] author_by_night

When Mal meets a peculiar man named Wash, he is instantly pleased. He doesn't realize how quickly things will change.

Ships: Wash/Zoe.
The Trouble With Wash: A Quartet )


Sep. 20th, 2009 03:45 pm
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It's meta time! Although I'm probably completely misusing the term "meta."

Everything fan related under their respective cuts are going to have spoilers. Just saying.
Buffy Meta )Firefly )

Earth's Children )
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As all Firefly fans know, the show was canceled after twelve episodes (fourteen if you count the two that never aired.) Serenity came out in 2005, but although it answered some questions, it wasn't quite a finale.

So here's something I've been wondering for a while now: what would Firefly have looked like had it gone on beyond one season? Beyond two?

Under the cut are some of my thoughts. I'd definitely like to know yours too. Please note that the cut includes a significant spoiler - it's something very shocking that I've heard around the internet pertaining to a certain character.

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Note to certain flister: This is not only related to my comment last night. It's more like... the comment I made made me think of an entry I've needed to make for a while now. (Of course, I probably have written about this before and forgot... forgive me if I have.)

I've noticed that a lot of times in fandom, I see the following question: "do you like slash?"

Why that question is a conundrum )

* Of course, this is Whedonverse we're talking about, and from what I've seen of Whedonverse, he does like his characters to "jump ship" quite a bit, so perhaps it's not that implausible.
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Here are the drabbles from the request I've completed thus far:

Pregnant Hannah and Neville, for [ profile] kelleypen : Hannah has pregnancy anxiety, and only one person can cheer her up. (Harry Potter fandom.)

Kaylee and Simon on a couch, for [ profile] daksian : River observes Kaylee and Simon after the events of Serenity. (Firefly fandom.)

Neville and Augusta, for [ profile] aggiebell90 : Augusta and Neville talk after the battle in Order of the Phoenix. (Harry Potter fandom.)

Remus and Tonks connect, for [ profile] not_last_resort : Snippets of Remus and Tonks during their time as flatmates- this takes place during Goblet of Fire. (Harry Potter fandom.)

I'm working on the drabbles for everyone else, I promise. Unfortunately, I didn't get much sleep tonight, and I was going to do it this morning at the library in between errands/classes/etc, but the printer decided to break and the library tech shouting "I THINK IT'S WORKING NOW" kind of broke my concentration. More is coming though, promise - maybe even in the next five minutes-hour, provided it quiets down enough for me to think.

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Want me to write a drabble for you? Comment here with something - characters, a missing moment, a random prompt, etc. When I'm doing replying, I'll post another entry linking to my responses. (I'll actually respond to the comment.)

Fandoms I will write:

- Firefly

- Heroes (though I'm only really good for season 1 canon)

- Harry Potter

- Buffy (though I'm only really good for the first two seasons canon - everything else I've seen bits of)

- Doctor Horrible

- Rent

- Wicked

Ships I will write:

- Remus/Tonks (include post-TDH AU if you'd like!)

- Charlie/Tonks (I'll only do post-TDH AU or pre-OoTP with that)

- Ron/Hermione

- Harry/Ginny

- Kaylee/Simon

- Zoe/Wash

- Neville/Hannah

- Hestia/Kingsley (it would be fun to try, anyway)

ETA: I'm also more than happy to write genfic. :) I love exploring friendships and siblingships and so on.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Last night I posted this, but asked people to guess what show it would be.

Everyone was correct in saying that it would be Firefly.

Firefly gushing. (No spoilers whatsoever!) )
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So Joss Whedon is sexist.

If you ask me, I think anyone who assumes a man talking to a woman in words other than "what a beautiful morning" must be an evil sexist is actually sexist themselves.

And I dunno, one of the things I most loved about Firefly was that it wasn't a bunch of uberwomen in tight clothing having sex with every male passenger, or shy!women who were completely submissive and cried all the time. Inara even never sleeps with any of the passengers, and her sleeping with other men is a very complex matter. Saffron acts submissive and cries all the time when we first meet her, but that's part of her act.

Even Buffy (also Joss Whedon)... I've never watched the show, but as far as I can tell, it is fairly free of sexism. Okay, so Buffy is pretty much the pretty blonde girl with superpowers, but from what I've read, none of the other typical cliches are present. She doesn't sleep with every male character, she doesn't dress to please the male audience, nor does she need the man to save her or fall into love triangles "by accident," despite being an otherwise nice girl next door. (LOL to that plotline - you don't accidentally end up in your boyfriend's brother's bed  if you're a nice person, okay?)

If you want to accuse something of being sexist, I'd go with Indiana Jones (and even that, with hesitation, as I only know about it through hearsay.) But Joss Whedon isn't the evil sexist man you want to point your finger at.

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