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Although I'm VERY glad we're addressing the emphasis on fashion and dating in girl's magazines (with disregard for the fact that girls do care about other things), I want to point out that Boys' Life isn't the boy version of Girls' Life. I thought that originally too, a few years ago when we happened to get both copies at work, but Boys' Life is for Boy Scouts, hence the emphasis on camping and such. So it's not like the same company is releasing two magazines, a girly one for chicks, a manly one for boys.

Also, from what I remember of Girls' Life (when I read it back in the late 90's and early 00's), they always seemed to have a fair balance between "fashion and boys" and other things. If some issues more than others. (And I will say that even at thirteen, I definitely noticed the number of white, thin, able-bodied models over... anyone else). That may have changed, or maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I seem to recall there were worse magazines when it came to that.

Again, I'm glad the issue is being addressed, I just hope people aren't coming away with the impression that Boys' Life is supposed to be "Girls' Life for Boys." (Although I do wonder if there's a Girl Scouts magazine, and if not, why that is.)
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So, guys? There's a problem. Her name is Mary Sue.

She has invaded our shows. Our books. Our movies. It's becoming a real problem.

Below are some signs that a fictional character is a Mary Sue. If you're writing her. stop immediately. If you've come across her, run the other way and DO NOT STOP. At least not until the next episode.

[Poll #2050355]
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Spoilers for Mad Men 7.8: Severance.

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So a friend of mine on FB posted a link to your video, which is about the importance of girls being modest and how guys want a girl who is modest, not sexy. (And no, this is not satire.)

Now, I think that there's an aspect of this that is relatively well meaning. Women should not feel or be forced to sexualize themselves, and there's far too much of that. And some people choose to dress modestly, for religious reasons or otherwise, and that's fine. When it's a choice.

But to imply that a woman MUST be modest for you? That is when it is no longer a choice, but a demand. "You understand why I need your modesty." There's the word "need." Not, "I love you as you are, even if you don't wear short skirts." It's, "I need you to dress a certain way." It's when you say, "girls with integrity are hard to find these days." Integrity is about being yourself. Integrity is about not giving a shit what men say we should wear, and that goes a billion different ways.

My other issue with the modesty argument is... why do you need it so badly? What is wrong with you that you can't look at me if I'm not being "modest?" Isn't the Christian thing to do keep your eyes on my face? Does the Bible not say, "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ass?" Maybe, just maybe, the problem isn't women being immodest, but certain thoughts being "immodest."

Do I think there's another sad extreme to this? Absolutely. But they're both extremes, and neither are okay.

Damn straight I feel comfortable with who I am. You don't get a say in why that is.

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