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September 1, 2017 - nineteen years later.

Since some of my friends are still reading the books, I'm putting the rest of this under a cut. 

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Looking forward to hearing/reading what everyone thinks! And don't feel you have to limit yourselves to those questions - or even answer them at all.

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I got this from a fandomsecrets post, because yes, I sometimes go there despite the trolls. (I even met some of you there.) Although I go far less than I used to and don't comment much. 

Anyway, one of the secrets was about stupid/awkward questions at interviews and panels. I was going to write an entry on this anyway, so many as well roll with it.
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I said I was going to do more Harry Potter nostalgia. Well, the fact that this post is Harry Potter related is nostalgic, I suppose, but mostly it's just your everyday putting characters from other media into Hogwarts Houses. :P

Here is my assessment. Feel free to add your own input. I tried to do this humorously, as opposed to doing it as Srs Bsns, although there's also analysis to it. 

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Again, let me know who you would Sort, and where. Also, feel free to request any other fictional Sortings!

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So I'm doing some Harry Potter fandom entries for the anniversaries of the first and last books respectively coming up. I asked my friends to ask me some things about my time in the fandom/thoughts on HP fandom in general. There's still plenty of time to do so!

I'm going to answer one of [personal profile] makamu 's questions:  The first fanfics I ever  read and/or wrote. I'll keep this public.

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Nah, it won't. It's based on a reddit thread. :P And it's a bit limited since it's about specific shows (it helps to have seen all of them, probably should've seen at least two): Parks and Recreation, the US version of The Office, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'm sticking to them because they were all more or less created and/or written by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur.

Public, so anyone can feel free to jump in. :)

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I thought that I would post the Hermione and Ginny friendship fic I wrote a few months ago.

Title: Outside the Bubble

Rating: Teen

Fandom: Harry Potter

Ships: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione.

Description: Ginny and Hermione's friendship as told in conversations throughout their years at Hogwarts.

Spoilers: All seven books. (Note that EWE can be applied.)

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Okay, this entry is cursed. Every single time I try and post anything, my internet cuts out, and it keeps not saving.

So, keeping it REALLY simple this time. This is a survey now, and because a million questions could be asked, I'll keep it to a few. Feel free to add your own thoughts! I've also made this public so others can jump in.

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I've been rewatching Communty. Some observations:

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- Going to get The Cursed Child at some point. I'm more curious than excited; it's like I'm going to see a friend I haven't seen in a long time, but while part of me is excited, I've been following her on social media and some things I've seen make me a little wary. But I don't want to be, because my friend and I went through so much together.

Also, let's face it,  part of me would've preferred The Scottish Book. (For those of you who don't remember or weren't in fandom at the time, "The Scottish Book" - not its actual title - was bascally going to be an encyclopedia of Harry Potter info. Kind of like The Simillarion. I think. I have a depressiing pet theory that the Lexicon lawsuit in 2009 killed those plans, and Pottermore is pretty much what TSB was going to be.)

The good news is, unless she kills off one of the trio (which I can't imagne), I don't have anyone I'm attached to this time around. So my heart shouldn't be too broken. Unless I get attached to one of the Next Gen, and they're killed off? (NONE of this is spoilery, btw. Just pure speculation on my part.)

- Someone on an anon comm I follow asked what happened to filking. I have no idea, but I miss them. I also miss fanvids. I honestly think those were killed largely by YouTube taking them off, and similar sites following suit. Which I don't get, because I actually found some of my favorite songs through fanvids. So if anything, I always saw it as cheap advertising, not a copyright infringement. Oh well. In any case, I miss them, and I don't get soundtracks. (They're called something else. Fanlists? Something like that. I mean no offense if you love them, I'm just very old school.)

Filking... honestly, probably just one of those things that changed with a new generation of fandom. I sometimes think we expect the internet to be permanent when really, it's no more permanent than RL. We used to have a roller rink in town, but c. 2000, it wasn't all that useful anymore. Trends come and go.

(I still filk, although I went years without filking. I seem to have gone retro in that respect.)

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So, guys? There's a problem. Her name is Mary Sue.

She has invaded our shows. Our books. Our movies. It's becoming a real problem.

Below are some signs that a fictional character is a Mary Sue. If you're writing her. stop immediately. If you've come across her, run the other way and DO NOT STOP. At least not until the next episode.

[Poll #2050355]
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Some of you already commented on my post that mentioned Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but I figured I'd make a poll. I've also made this entry public so anyone can join in.

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So I've been watching Girl Meets World, which is basically a sequel series to Boy Meets World. It veers a little close for comfort at first towards being a "next gen fanfic" (where everyone's basically a xerox copy of their parents), but fortunately it avoids it, and even Maya, who is a bit of a Shawn expy, is very much her own person. I'm not watching the show faithfully, just a few episodes I've heard were good, but it's fun nonetheless.

Here's my question, though - what series did you grow up with do you think could have a plausible continuation, either a "next gen" thing or even the characters as being older? OR, what other series have done this that you enjoy? Spiritual successors don't really count, unless you want to argue that they could very well be in the same universe (that would be interesting, so let's hear it).

Fandom PSA

Jun. 12th, 2015 08:23 am
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[ profile] daily_snitch, a Harry Potter news community, is running a special edition for Dean Thomas. Fics, essays, fanart are all welcome.

Click here for more information.
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When Edward Cullen died...

Wait, sorry, same actor, different fandom.
Goblet of Fire and the Massive Fandom Takeover )

*Which I'd love to read, by the way, so if anyone has links or general ideas as to where they might be found...


Apr. 14th, 2015 08:04 am
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So I posted a fic at Ao3 (I've been meaning to for a while, I only haven't because laziness), and I received my first two kudos with no reviews, meaning I now know what people mean by that. It also received 17 hits.

I don't really mind, honestly, mostly because I think I'm used to people not commenting on the internet anymore. Don't get me wrong, I wish people would, it can be annoying - but I also think people often do internet things from their phones or even on work/school computers, which means they're probably multitasking. It's easier to leave a kudos then a review. (Though I do like reviews. Including negative ones, as long as it's constructive and not "I hate this pairing rah rah rah.")

Actually, I think what annoys me more is when people like questions you've asked them.

Me: Hey, does anyone want to go to that movie night thing?

Three people: *Like this*

Me: that a yes? Maybe?

Even that, though, I think generally just means people are acknowledging you said something. It's vague, but well-intended. (Or they're flakes. Take your pick.)

Anywho, I'll be posting more fic there over the course of... time. Hopefully a few days. Mostly I just want a second place for it to be archived in case LJ does go down or I delete this LJ for any reason. I may upload a second fic after I post this, actually. If you're interested, my profile is here. (Still AuthorByNight - it's my fandom identity now, high schoolish as it may be. That and it's too late to change it, I think. If I do, it'll probably be "Azaelia." Or something entirely different.)
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Short post, just a tad spoilery )One of my LJ friends asked if there's any shows with similarly great female characters and dynamics currently on the air.  I couldn't think of any. Anyone?

I think there's shows now off the air that come close. FRIENDS actually has pretty well written dynamics between the female characters,  and Buffy did in the beginning with Buffy and Willow, but I'm not sure what else even in the past, let alone now. I think TV is almost afraid to write female characters having any non-volatile relationships. Same with movies. (Books do, although I feel like a lot of them go the other extreme, where one of the friends dies in the end. Or you realize all four friends were melodramatic southern belles who traumatized their children for life. I love Ya-Ya-Sisterhood, I really do, but...)
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The weather outside is frightful
And ABN is very ficful
So if you've no place to go
Write some snow, write some snow, write some snow

Ah - non-filk version: I'm asking all writers on my flist to write a fanfic that involves snow somehow. Any fandom, ship, gen, a combination of ship and gen, whatever. Have at it. Original works as well! Length also doesn't matter - it can be a drabble, ficlet, long fic, filk, whatever you want.  Just link me to it here or via PM so I can make a master list. :)

Some extra prompts if you'd like them (don't feel you have to use them):

- Lovebirds

- Christmas in January/February

- Twist on a fairy tale, myth or urban legend

- Smores are overrated! (Is a substitute in order?)

- Missing moment (i.e. something we know happened in canon, or assume happened, but never saw) or backstory

- Time travel (and/or historical backstory)

- Crossover

Write your hearts out!

(Keeping this unflocked so anyone can participate.)

ETA:  You can also submit fanart.
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I originally posted this fic for[ profile] rt_morelove, although in the end it was less Remus/Tonks than I'd planned. (I thank the mods again for graciously leaving it up anyway.) It's a genfic about Peter Pettigrew's mother.

Author/Artist: author_by_night
Title: Conversations With Judas

Rating & Warnings: PG

Word Count:  2,699

Prompt: gilpin25's request for a story about Peter's mother.

Summary: Mirabelle Pettigrew recalls her son's life and death in several conversations..
Conversations With Judas )
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So I had a conversation the other day about what's really changing (possibly killing, depending on your viewpoint) LJ, and honestly, I feel like everyone has different opinions. (Including me, hence the conversation I had.)

So I decided to create a poll on what's really going on, if anything. You don't have to still really be into LJ to participate - I'd like everyone's opinion.

This is going to be a long one )

I have made the results viewable only to me, so dish away. I'm also allowing anonymous comments as  you can't participate in polls if you don't have an account, and even if you do I realize you may not want to share your thoughts with everyone, especially if it does relate to drama.  I probably will make a follow-up post, but I won't name names, unless you want me to.

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