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I've been rewatching Communty. Some observations:

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Am I the only one... really not feeling it?

I hate to say it, but I kind of think Community should've stopped after season three. I know, I know, "six seasons and a movie", but I think it's forgotten who half the characters are. Like, there's no way Jeff
would agree to secretly talking to Britta's parents when he of all people knows how that sort of thing goes. Also, the previous seasons implied her father was a pretty bad person - I mean, I know some people exaggerate that sort of thing, but still.
And I skipped the virtual reality stuff. It wasn't interesting to me.

Anyone else? Anyone like it? That's fine too, maybe your optimism will rub off on me.
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Which hopefully won't tick anyone off. I started this list on a friend's LJ but thought I'd post/add to it as well.

Glee - Renewed: Part of me is surprised, because it feels like very few people I know who were really into it at first - I mean full on "OMG WHY HAVEN'T YOU WATCHED THIS YET DON'T STOP BELIEVING" Gleeks - are actually into it; it seems to me a lot of them haven't really been interested in a while. Like them, neither have I, and I was pretty into the show at first. On the other hand, the people I do know who like it are also huge American Idol/Dancing With the Stars buffs, and in all complete honesty, I think Glee is really for that crowd. I'm not in it, however, so I'm pretty much out. (Although I do like the episodes with Kurt/Rachel/Santana in New York. I kind of wish Glee had taken a risk and followed them entirely.  Then maybe Rachel could've been given a singing storyline as well as yet another romantic one.)

Parks and Recreation - Renewed: I'm glad, because I do think this is a great show that deserves more viewers - OTOH I'm glad it doesn't and gets away with it, because I feel like shows are better when everyone isn't watching them and they don't have to be so... mainstream. I know this sounds really hipster of me, but that's what I think.

Happy Endings - Cancelled: I'm disappointed, because I do think this show really had something going for it. I wasn't the biggest fan, I'll admit that - the characters were all annoying, especially Penny, who I think we were supposed to actually really like. But I also feel that because it always teetered on the edge of cancellation, it was sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place. It just feels like it never really had a chance.

Community - Renewed: I also think Community suffered a lot this season - there were what, ten episodes? So a lot of things didn't make sense, and so there wasn't even any payoff. I believe next season it can go back to rocking on. (Although I'll always stand by my belief that the first season was best. Sorry.)

Raising Hope - Renewed: This sort of surprises me. It's another show where I liked the first season, but after that I could take it or leave it. This seems to be a habit with me.

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(This is true, unlike the last thing I posted, which was from a BS website. Sorry again.)

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May. 10th, 2012 07:15 pm
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I really hope this isn't true. (ETA: Apparently the site is notorious for bullshit, and it's not true as far as we know. Sorry about that.)

The struggling Peacock network is taking a new direction with its primetime lineup, and that means cleaning house. Until this week, the once-dominant network had been suspiciously mum on its plans for next season. That all changed with a giant info dump from NBC execs which included the fates of veteran sitcoms “30 Rock,” “Community” and “Parks and Recreation.”

All three critical darlings will be given abbreviated “send off” seasons followed by immediate termination. Despite receiving generally favorable reviews, NBC’s long-running Thursday comedy lineup has never garnered stellar ratings. The limited order of 13 episodes for each show must have seen like a good compromise solution for the network that has seen itself slide from first to fourth place over the last decade.

I'd heard that the seasons would be abbreviated, but not canceled.

The thing is, P&R and Community are about the only comedies that don't annoy me. I want to love Happy Endings, but... it's one of those shows that can be sheer brilliance but often just falls flat for me. (Mostly I'm sick of Penny always moping about being single, although that's less the show's fault and more that I'd like one show where a single character is like, "damn straight I'm single, and because of it I can party like it's 1999, bitches!") New Girl... eh. I feel like it wants to be The Big Bang Theory  meets Sex and the City, and even though I have never seen those shows I can assure you it's neither of them. Modern Family... eh. Raising Hope... it was stupid, then it got funny, then it got stupid again. I liked The Office for a lot longer than a lot of people, but now even I've given up on the show. So if this is true, it looks like I won't be watching any comedies this fall.

But I hope the article's wrong about these shows being cancelled. I'll especially miss Parks and Recreation. At least Mad Men has Alison Brie, I can pretend she's Annie in an alternative timeline.

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Am I the only one who wasn't thrilled with the episode?
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I decided to sit down, write, and see what I came up with. It's probably not a bad exercise.

These may or may not be edited at a later time. There are also mild spoilers for each fandom.

Hair (Harry Potter; Andromeda, Alice, Tonks) )

Mustache (Firefly; Wash/Zoe )


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Apr. 19th, 2010 05:02 pm
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So  I've gotten into this show on NBC called Community, and wanted to share my thoughts on it.

The show is about a man, Jeff, who was a lawyer but was put on probation because his degree wasn't as valid as they'd thought. To avoid being disbarred, he attends Greendale Community College. The show goes on to chronicle the mishaps of Jeff and those in his Spanish study group.

As a former community college student, I was a bit hesitant to tune into this show. However, I love how even the Spanish study group really reflects the atmosphere of a community college. The ages of the characters vary, as did the ages of the students at my school, although admittedly most were in the 16-19 age range. *

There's also a Dean in the show who loves to emphasize that it's not "loser college" over and over and over. I certainly had professors like that! "Now, don't think this class will be easy just because you're in Community College. Community College is just as valid as any other college. Got it? Good." 

The humor is good - as with all comedies, there's some things that don't quite match up with my sense of humor, but for the most part, I find the show amusing. The only thing is that it can get a tad OTT .

I'd especially recommend it if:

- You've gone to community college and/or currently attend community college. It's obviously the TV version of community college, but still.

- You like The Office - the humor is along the same lines of the earlier seasons of The Office in particular.

- You loved those high school sitcoms and always wished there were more about college.

I can't wait for the show to return from break this week! 

* We had a lot of homeschoolers.

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