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So a blogger and school head supposes that popular books like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games cause brain damage.

Let's get our spork on! (NOTE: I did leave some parts out. You can suffer through the entire thing if you'd like.)

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So the internet has been talking about this for a while now - friends with kids versus friends who don't have them, single friends versus married friends, etc. We get videos like this, where Moms woefully explain why they can't talk to their childless friends anymore, and corresponding comments saying those Moms are selfish.

I don't have kids, but I have friends who are married and/or have kids, and yeah, your friendship changes. I'd argue, however, that if your day-to-day life works differently than a friend's, it can be hard to get them (however well-meaning) to really understand why regardless of the reason. I worked full time while I was in college, and my classmates would be all, "hey, let's do this at 2 PM on a Tuesday!" Seriously? Sometimes I haven't even had a chance to eat lunch yet. The real world isn't a 90's sitcom where you can sit around a cafe all day and still have a job. 9:30 PM, then? Are you kidding? I wake up at six tomorrow morning.

But enough talking from me. Let's examine both sides and the crazy things they assume about one another. With pop culture references, because they're like, awesome.

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"Aww, you're an only child! Are you spoiled? I bet you're spoiled."

"God, you must have been so lonely growing up."

"Only children are totes like the oldest because they're smarter and more responsible than anyone else."

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What birth order (I'm beginning to hate that term) are you, and what don't people know about it? Feel free to do a similar meme, or just comment here. :)
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This isn't part of the original meme, but it is a proper blog.

So, let's talk about bullying. It's hard to ignore it, because everyone's talking about it these days; what it means, how to prevent it, will implementing experiments where kids have to shun one another help, etc.

Here's my question - what exactly constitutes bullying? In my opinion, the term can not only be overrused, but in fact, underused.
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All thoughts are welcome!
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 Let's face it, children's and young adult literature, comics and shows gave us a certain impression of life. Except of course, it was all a dream. I hated those endings. :P

So without further ado, I present...

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I'm not complaining about the recent anti-bullying memes, because I know it's well-meaning, and the part of me that remembers trying not to cry on the school bus appreciates it. But the part of me that remembers the "helpful" generic advice adults pulled out of an old can and fed me doesn't really find it worthwhile.

You know what really helped me? When a teacher let me switch groups during a long-term group project. When a teacher let me vent to her one day after class even though I'm sure she had better places to be and do. When a girl who I was only casual acquaintances with told her friends to leave me in a firm voice. It helped another girl when my teacher told me to go comfort her, not because he knew I'd want to please him, but because he knew I'd want to help her.

That's what helps - kids taking other kids seriously and adults taking kids seriously. Moms and teachers banding together and exchanging Facebook statuses wouldn't have done anything for me back then. I just needed someone, everyone just needs someone, to simply say "I hear you."
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So many stupid things were said and done when we were kids. We're old enough to, and perhaps do, have kids of our own; move on and let the past stay in the past.

Unless the person grew up to be a bully in adulthood - but even then, if growing up didn't change them, bumping into an old "friend" won't either.
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Back then, I would've chosen Sabrina Spellman. I loved that show.I loved the characters. Especially Sabrina and Aunt Hilda.

I'm not sure what came first - being too old for the show or getting sick of it. I do know that I eventually just lost interest.

Now... I dunno, I've gotten into more serious sci-fi/fantasy, so I don't think I could get into the show, much less the characters. Plus, IIRC Sabrina was a little annoying. I didn't even want her to be my best friend by the time I started watching the last season.

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Girl commits suicide because of bullies

First, I want to emphasize that I'm not entirely sure I think suicide can be entirely blamed on these girls. The temptation, perhaps - I know people who were bullied and while they otherwise had no depression, the feeling of being hated by people they had to sit in class with five days a week drove them crazy. And these people weren't even physically harmed. However, they never went through with it, and even they very well may have had issues.

The sad thing is that I feel this article shows how bullying really is not taken seriously.

A few weeks ago, I found a disturbing YouTube video of a girl who was being told to kill herself, that she was fat, that she was ugly. Luckily, this girl was saying she didn't care, but the point is, she was being harassed. Because I care about kids, I went to report the incident.

The "abuse form" on YouTube doesn't exist, as a google search proved. I emailed several address (,, etc), and they either didn't work or were ignored. Meanwhile, the harassment continued.

YouTube did not provide a way for me to help this girl, and google research took me to a parent who claimed even calling YouTube didn't help. Please bear in mind that this is the internet, so who knows if she was being honest - however, if she was, that's pretty disturbing. Despite all the hooplah about YouTube's "moves" to prevent cyberbullying, it doesn't seem much is being done.

But that's another issue.

I think that people need to all take part in bullying prevention, and while I'm no expert, I do have thoughts on how.
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