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I got this from a fandomsecrets post, because yes, I sometimes go there despite the trolls. (I even met some of you there.) Although I go far less than I used to and don't comment much. 

Anyway, one of the secrets was about stupid/awkward questions at interviews and panels. I was going to write an entry on this anyway, so many as well roll with it.
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Same old same old - I put a bunch of things into google translate and LOL (or shudder) at the results. This round was literary titles.

(I can't tell you the exact languages, because I actually compiled these ages ago. I will tell you it's actually quite difficult to translate book titles, because google translate just tells you the official translated title. You have to "trick" it.)

A Song of Ice and Fire: Gal Man Track

A Tale of Two Cities: Describe Two Big Cities

Harry Potter and the...

Philosopher's Stone: In the Book

Sorcerer's Stone: Location and Use

Goblet of Fire: I Do Not for Example - D is Your Brother

Deathly Hallows: Halloween Fair

A Christmas Carol: Class Began Employment

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe: Whistle, Leaving Fried Green Tomatoes in a Restaurant

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: The Girl Did Not Have That

Pride and Prejudice: Iron Chain Leech

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: I Have Come, Sister

A Midsummer's Night Dream: Midsummer Night Lotto Review
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And behold, my childhood as told by the books I read.

Feel free to do something similar yourself! I'd love to see what other people come up with. Therefore, I'm making this public. :)

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So a blogger and school head supposes that popular books like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games cause brain damage.

Let's get our spork on! (NOTE: I did leave some parts out. You can suffer through the entire thing if you'd like.)

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Because why not?

Quotes of course will be taken out of context. And characters.

Granted, it's more Mad Men quotes than P&P quotes, because matching Mad Men characters with Jane Austen characters is considerably difficult. There's too much tact.. :P

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So I've been watching Girl Meets World, which is basically a sequel series to Boy Meets World. It veers a little close for comfort at first towards being a "next gen fanfic" (where everyone's basically a xerox copy of their parents), but fortunately it avoids it, and even Maya, who is a bit of a Shawn expy, is very much her own person. I'm not watching the show faithfully, just a few episodes I've heard were good, but it's fun nonetheless.

Here's my question, though - what series did you grow up with do you think could have a plausible continuation, either a "next gen" thing or even the characters as being older? OR, what other series have done this that you enjoy? Spiritual successors don't really count, unless you want to argue that they could very well be in the same universe (that would be interesting, so let's hear it).
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Why teenagers shouldn't read adult books )

(For those of you who might be utterly lost right now, this is a response to an article criticizing adults who read Young Adult literature. For some reason I can't find the link, but I think it's been passed around the internet enough that you should be able to find it somewhere.)
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The other day I posted about morbid sequels to children's/YA works, OR the story getting more morbid as the characters aged, and how that can be annoying. So in honor of that, I bring you: The Morbid Games, which is sort of a parody.

Pick a series, and fill in the categories - all of them, some of them, and/or create your own - whatever you'd like. Bonus points if you create a fic out of it - if you do, let me know and I will link!  I'll leave this public so anyone can play. Make this as ridiculous as you'd like, that's the point. (Although if it's sadder than ridiculous, that's fine too. I'm really not a rules person, can you tell?) You can play more than once, but make a new comment.

And if you're still not sure what I mean, I'm referring not necessarily to adult versions of series or later books/episodes/movies where the characters are older and therefore face more mature situations (that's realistic), but where it's so contrived it's like the writers wanted to be sure you realized They Are Adults Now, or where it wasn't necessarily contrived, but a bit OOC. Of course, Your Mileage May Very here.

Have fun!

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First, here is the link to the original questions. I apologize for the confusion before.

Day 2 - Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

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And this is really for Day 3, but I didn't see the point of waiting...

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Poll time!

Jan. 27th, 2011 06:12 pm
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This is in response to another poll a friend did regarding characters that were messed up because of bad writing. So here's my question - can writers (of shows, books or movies) mess up characters?[Poll #1673373]


May. 29th, 2010 05:43 pm
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Twilight fans:

So I'm researching teenager literature and culture due to wanting to try and write in that genre, and it is evident that Twilight is what piques the interest of many teen girls right now.

So whether you're a teen or not, I'm going to put my personal opinion of the books aside and ask - why do you like them?

If you don't like the books, why do you think others do?

ETA: I initially screened comments, but I decided against it. However, I do ask that everyone keep things civil - this is not the place to debate other people's opinions. I'm just curious about yours. 
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Quick note: The "worst" section has minor spoilers for the first Twilight book and a major spoiler for Son of a Witch, the sequel to Wicked.

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As I have mentioned, I've been watching Buffy. I've seasons 1-2 countless times, and have managed to catch some of the other seasons. Once in a while I'll pop in on some discussion, if I'm bored/procrastinating/whatever else. I've also discussed the show with friends.

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of Buffy fans say that they liked the show - until a particular season. The consensus is usually season four, sometimes season five.

I don't know whether they're right or wrong - what I've seen seems just fine,  but hey, what do I know? 

I've noticed this in the Harry Potter fandom as well. Harry Potter is to me what I think Buffy was to a lot of people - I followed it for years, speculated on pairings, read every fic out there, etc. In short, I was a bit of a Potterhead. (Okay, maybe I  still am just a little.)

I loved all the books. Sure, there were things I might have done differently, but I loved the first book the moment I picked it up, and the seventh book the moment I put it down. However, I've noticed a lot of people really disliked the last two or three books. (I've even heard of some people who only liked the first three books, but not as many. Mostly the cut off seems to be OoTP/HBP.)

I've had this experience with other shows and books too, either in terms of seeing that reaction or even feeling it myself. The Earth's Children series... Ugly Betty... Boy Meets World...

In short, it seems that along the way, fans and fanbases may stay, but not for the same reasons they originally got into the series.

My question is... why is that?

I think that it's just really interesting to see, albeit definitely not a new phenomenon - I have been asking myself this question since I was fourteen and realized a show I used to love, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, made me want to poke my eyes out. Was it that I could no longer appreciate the fact that it was really for preteens and I was growing up, or had the plot really become just that horrible? I blamed the show, but part of me wasn't sure.

Sometimes I do think it's the creator(s). I think that some things should just stop before they get out of hand. (Especially "the college years" - I have never heard of that concept working.) And sometimes they decide to try "new things" that just don't... work.

There are also times, apparently, that the creator(s) will intentionally ruin something. I heard that the show Gilmore Girls got pretty stupid in one of the later seasons; after that, I heard that apparently one of the writers/directors (something like that) had intentionally butchered the show. (I could be completely wrong on one or both counts, of course - this is hearsay, if from a source whom I trust.)

Other times, I wonder if it's the fans, especially for long-running series. Do we expect too much? Do we want everything to stay too close to the original? Is it hard for us to accept when characters we love change too much - or at all?

I don't think there's really a universal answer for all of those - I think it depends on the show and even your own opinion. I'm just curious as to what everyone thinks.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Disney. The sexism - it burns.

Actually, I think "sexism" is a bit unfair, just because a, they're simplistic because they're for kids, and b, they weren't exactly written in progressive times. Still, one of the reasons I liked Enchanted was because it pretty much parodied all those themes. Not just that, but it was by Disney itself. (Granted, Disney decades later after these books and movies were written/made.) But old school Disney is just filled with anti "ugly" women themes and "ditch it all for lurve" themes.

And then there's The Baby-Sitter's Club books - not because they were sexist or anything, but the idea of a bunch of thirteen year old girls being trusted to take kids through NYC alone and stuff... *shudders*

Also, Harry Potter... though in that case, it was on purpose. But back when I first read them, I didn't think anything of a bunch of preteens fighting three headed dogs and dark lords and dealing with attempted mass murder. I mean, I always thought the books got darker in the third book, but when I think about it... yikes. O_o Obviously it was Jo Rowling's point, but I don't think I really got how chilling it was until later.

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I WILL note that this list is slightly to highly exaggerated - except #10. It's meant in good humor. :)
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I know it's a bit after Banned Books Week by now, but I'm posting a speech I did on book censorship anyway, at the request of ladyaelfwynn. I gave this speech for a class last year. :)

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So lady_sarai and I were talking earlier about some of our beloved teens' books, and I had a thought.

Are there any books for us twenty-somethings?

I can read books about sixteen year olds, and about forty year olds - not a problem. But there seems to be a lack of books written about the 18-25 age group. That, or I just haven't found those books.  The books I have found that involved kids my age were mostly beach reads, like Grecian Holiday and Spanish Holiday.

I dunno, I would just like to read about someone in that age gap for once. Someone who is in college, just out of college, or was never in college - either way, trying to find their place.  Or just something unrelated, but with people who are closer to my age and easier to relate to.

Just some thoughts. :) I would love to read a Sisterhood of the Travelng Pants type book or a Ya Ya Sisterhood type book - with characters someone my age can more easily relate to.
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Happy birthday, [profile] delleve, aka Jo's Girl Through and Through! 

And today is also HBP Day, aka Remus/Tonks Day, Ron/Hermione Day, Harry/Ginny Day, Bye-Bye Bill/Artemis Day, and What-the-heck-Pince/Filch?! Day,  OMGWTFSNAPE???? Day, and [profile] julibeth's Sister Gets Married on the Release Date and Julie Screams Day.

Granted, Harry/Ginny also semi-sunk, but it's got time.Plus, I think it's still a-sail in the sense that they are still in love. 

I have to write short snippets around the stuff that happened in HBP. Namely Remus/Tonks, and Tonks in general. (There's just  got to be so much more to her story than not having pink hair).

I can't believe it's been a year.  Or that the next book is the last... the last. That's insane.

When it comes out, I want to be with people. The only problem with HBP was that I was away for it, and I really had no meansof discussion. I mean, yeah, I had access to IM and stuff, but not like at home. And nobody where I was even knew what "Half Blood Prince" was. Well, my cousin, Michelle did, and we read the first few chapters together, but she was home for a wedding (my family's in her hometown, and that's where I was visiting), so she had to leave, and then the next day went back to Georgia, where she goes to college. 

So yeah, next time, I have to be with people. To be honest, I hate reading any book, needing to discuss it, and not having anyone. Or movie.  Harry Potter - well, that's an obsession.

Anyway... cheers!

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