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(Harry Potter rant ahead.)

Red hair happens. Lots of people have had, currently have, and will have red hair.

So why does everyone compare Ginny to Lily on basis of that?

Especially as I always felt if Harry had a parallel, it was Sirius. Ron is more or less James. Hermione is a combination of Lily (Muggleborn, all about helping the underdog) and Remus (brainy, Prefect). Peter was Scabbers, pretty much having the same role in PoA. (Think about it - he gets everyone into a huge fight, which results in faking his death and framing another for it.) Ginny's... basically the girl Sirius never got to have. 
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I also think it's weird if Harry married a girl who looks like his Mum. I realize some people point it out to debunk Harry/Ginny, but I've seen it as a pro-Harry/Ginny defense too, or even just an observation from H/G shippers. But I don't want to think about Ginny looking like Lily. Urgh.

In other news, I just realized there are about 87 HP posts I never got around to writing. I may or may not be able to with the anniversary of DH coming up, although I now can't remember - was it 7/21 or 7/31? I feel like it was 7/21 but we all thought it should be 7/31?

Also, I still wish we had a Scottish Book. I wish Aardvarkgate/the Lexicon trial hadn't pretty much killed The Scottish Book. (I'm still 100% on Jo's side on that one, by the way.)

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