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I wanted to write something for the Deathly Hallows anniversary coming up, but between RL kicking my butt and writer's block, that hasn't happened.

So instead, I'm taking requests for post-DH or DH drabbles/ficlets. Preferably nothing overly angsty (I mean, within reason all things considered). I mostly write  canon pairings, but may be able to experiment, so go for it. I also write gen.  I'm also most interested in "in between" fics - that is, between when canon closes and the epilogue. 

Alternatively, if you want me to write a missing moment piece for any of the books - since a LOT of you are re-reading - that's also fine.

I can't promise these will be done instantly, but I've set myself a deadline of September 2. :) Hopefully I get at least some done before then!

ETA: When I say not overly angsty, aftermath stuff is fine.  I just mean with RL stuff, I'd rather not write the slow and agonizing death of a character, you know?

Also, I've opened this to people not on my flist. :)

Date: 2017-07-14 07:35 am (UTC)
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Since I am also stuck writing some prompts I asked for (not writer's block - if anything, it's the reverse (bablly imagination), I am a bit wary of giving other people prompts, but here we go:

Draco - how does he navigate being a Malfoy in post-Voldie society and what effect does the whole thing have on pureblood society?

Harry - how does he navigate being a junior Auror

Hermione - I'd love to get something about her reforming the WW in a way that is more successful than S.P.E.W

Please feel free to pick whatever you like (or nothing at all)

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