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So I'm doing some Harry Potter fandom entries for the anniversaries of the first and last books respectively coming up. I asked my friends to ask me some things about my time in the fandom/thoughts on HP fandom in general. There's still plenty of time to do so!

I'm going to answer one of [personal profile] makamu 's questions:  The first fanfics I ever  read and/or wrote. I'll keep this public.

 I should note that I already knew what fanfic was when I got into the Harry Potter fandom, so it didn't take me long to search. Therefore, I can't really say exactly what the very first fics were, but I can list them!

- Cassandra Claire's Draco Dormiens.  I actually thought it was going to be a funny fic based on the description (Harry and Draco switch bodies), and was a little disappointed that it wasn't a Freaky Friday parody. So I stopped reading them.

- A fic called Lily, about Lily Potter.

- A lovely fic I forget the title of, unfortunately, but while it's not remotely canon now it's still good. It was about Harry adopting Dudley and his wife's Muggleborn daughter post-Hogwarts.  

- A Marauder fic called Snapdragon and Prongs, about Lily and James Potter.

And 10 million other Marauder fanfics. :P Although I still read Harry Potter  fanfiction, I actually steer clear of Marauder fics - while some of it is that what we learned in canon was a little different from the Three Year Summer version of MWPP (if not necessarily wholly incompatible*), you can only read so many versions of a story so many times before it gets a little old.

*There are so many interpretations of the Marauders that I could go on for longer than I think anyone has time, but ultimately I think fandom made them out to be... much more honorable and saintly than they were. On the other hand, I think some readers came away with the impression that the Marauders were meant to secretly be sociopathic bullies, which I don't think is true. I think Snape was probably a creepy, weird kid when Lily wasn't around, the equivalent of that classmate IRL who has disturbing things written in his binder and glares at you for bumping into him, and Sirius and James were the kind of kids whose response was to take the creepy kid down a peg... every chance they got.   

- Does anyone else remember this? A writer (maybe two writers?) had an MST3K/Austin Powers/Harry Potter crossover where Voldemort held the trio and Draco hostage and made them read bad fics, the fics being submitted by the writers themselves to avoid wank. Then the writer disappeared off of the face of the earth. 
As for the first Harry Potter fics I wrote... oh boy.  *Hides face behind hands* I wrote one about Ron falling in love with a Slytherin that was supposed to be Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending (guess what I was reading in English class?!), and... I think I've blocked the others from memory, meaning they were somehow even worse.  :P

I did actually finish a novel-length fanfic, and while in retrospect it wasn't much better, I am still proud of the fact. It needed some serious beta reading, and while my OC wasn't a Mary Sue per se, she didn't really fit in with the universe very well. It was about Remus Lupin's younger sister and her friendship with Tonks. But I like that I managed to write and finish it, all the whime wrapping up my final year in high school.

I actually tried to fix her up a bit later on, so that she fit in better, and I could post fics about her on LJ sans embarrassment, but then Deathly Hallows happened and I couldn't go through with her character after that. I mean, killing off someone's best friend AND their brother is pretty brutal. JK Rowling has since released Remus's actual family backstory, and I prefer it to anything I ever wrote. :)

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