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A few years ago, there was a 20 Facts fest for Harry Potter, where you made up 20 facts about a character. I'm doing something similar for Buffy, except it's five facts about Willow Rosenberg. Long story short, I was unable to do all twenty, but might do four other characters later today or tomorrow.

Five Facts About Willow Rosenberg

1. Her middle name is "Gloria", after Gloria Steinem. When Willow's mother forgets her birthday in favor of another rally, Willow fantasizes that Gloria Steinem is her real mother. But if her parents like Gloria Steinem, does that mean Gloria would also forget her existence?

2. In her head, Willow nicknames Xander "Snoopy" because of the Snoopy Dance he does at Christmas.

3. When Willow gets presents, 9/10 they're computer games; of course, they're never challenging enough.

4. Willow never felt close to Jesse; she likes him well enough, but feels he brings out Xander's more negative traits, like being doofy and a bit of a jerk at times. When he and Xander first became friends in sixth grade, Willow spent more time with other people altogether; then Xander put yellow crayons in her locker with a note: "I'm not good at this stuff. Let's be friends again. Third period lunch?"

5. When Willow was eight, she was the lead in the school play. She had to dress as a butterfly. Her parents promised they would come, but when she looked out at the audience, they weren't there.

Willow has had stage fright ever since.
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